Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bloggers block.

Yes, so it has been a month since I have blogged. I just don't have the fever or the time. Pray for me. :)

I lost my mind briefly. Really. I did.

My mind is back. Here are a few things going on inside it...

Christmas is a lovely holiday.

Being with people you love make it fabulous.

Oriental people don't don't seem to age. I need to eat more rice or something. It must be the fountain of youth.

One of my favorite things is dipping a soft serve ice cream cone into a root beer fountain drink. Tasty. Tasty Treat. :) Thanks Rena for the use of your beverage.

Buddy's restaurant in Pocatello comes home with you. In the form of stench. For days. Garlic. Wow. (thanks ladies, good times!)

At the risk of sounding seriously so blessed, I need to tell the world that I have the best boyfriend in the world who is taking me to NYC for my Christmas/Birthday!!!! Woot Woot! Any must sees in NYC?? Share.

I like not going to school. I wish winter break never ended.

Snow is pretty. BUT it is also quite inconveniencing.

I think I look better when I have more than 5 hours of sleep.

Yesterday my iPod played one of the most lovely play lists. I pressed shuffle and my ears were treated so nicely. I didn't skip one song. That was happy.

PS- Does anyone else notice that a most of my blogs mention food at some point? Perhaps I should dig deeper into my soul next time I share...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I soak up smell like kitty litter soaks up pee. (ew) I will blame it on my hair. It absorbs any and ALL smells.

When I drive through the Subway drive thru, to eat fresh, I smell like I just put in a 10 hour shift as a sandwich artist.

If someone has lit a campfire within a 10 mile radius I smell like I sang kumbaya and roasted mallows around that fire. It usually takes 3 washes to get the stench out.

Someone orders fajitas at the other end of the table and not only do I smell like sizzling chicken or beef with onions, but I start speaking spanish. It's weird.

I walk through the farm animal exhibits at the fair and come home smelling like I just rolled around in manure. (Roommate requested I shower as soon as I walked in the house)

This can be a problem. I do not always want to smell like the food I may or may not have eaten and I do not want to smell like all my extracurricular activities.

Fix it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And I shall call her...Wendy.

I went grocery shopping today. Woo-pee-doo right? No big deal? Wrong. BIG deal. It was needed. I haven't bought food since Winco made its debut here in the Salt Lake Valley. I was running low. Way low.

So low that last week I decided that I would name my first born girl Wendy. After Wendy's. I ate there 5 times in the last week. At least. I love their spicy chicken anything. I was there 3 times in 2 days. So very sad, yet so very good. Not going to name names, but someone else ate there just as much as I did last week.

I sent this text to that person on my last Wendy's run:

Yep, I did. Again.

Stop judging already! It's convenient.... and quick... and cheap...and it tastes good! I love Wendy, and she loves me back.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I craved bacon all morning. It was really ALL I could think about. I woke up wanting it. Drove to work thinking about it. Told all my co-workers I had to get some. Told them I was craving it ever 3min. It was consuming all my energy to crave it. I practically forgot my own name because all I could think about was bacon. At least two pieces pork goodness needed to be mine. (because when would 1 piece ever be enough?) By 10:30am I was almost climbing the walls. I finally ran over to the cafeteria to indulge.

It was gone. They were getting lunch out. No bacon for me. Tragedy.

I settled for a diet coke and a brownie (yes, at 10:30 in the morning).

The only thing close to a pork product that I got today was a vaccination for the piggie flu.

This better not be a reflection of how the rest of my week is going to go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

white hair

Here is a picture of some of my friends from the mission. Some are young and some are not as young. Note the good looking people with white hair. Sheesh, I love them. Sometimes I feel like I can relate to the seasoned age group easier than my own generation.

What I am getting at is... I think I will make a great old lady one day.
Here's why:

I love a nice cup of herbal tea. Blueberry is the flavor of choice these days AND tea tastes good when you are reading a good book.

I love to tousle young peoples hair, pinch kids cheeks and kiss babies.

I love me an occasional Werthers original toffee candy.

I think pants with elastic waists are comfortable and practical.

I love cats. I have 4 right now and they are the loves of my life. *

I pay to lighten my hair. One day it will just be white.... or gray... for free.

I sometimes say inappropriate things and I long for the days that people will just ignore it and chalk it up to me being senile and old. Old people can get away with saying ANYTHING.

*Complete lie. I don't have a cat or cats. Do not wish to ever own one. Just thought it sounded good because old ladies have cats. ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

H is for...

I was on the phone today communicating with a doctors office. I was trying to spell a difficult name out for the woman on the other end...
A as in apple, N as in Nancy, S as in Sam etc...

H. H as in......

Nothing. Silence on the other end. My mind blank of ANY H words that would do H justice.

Hell. H as in hell!

It did the job. In fact the lady on the other end giggled. Name was successfully given. Information successfully exchanged.

I know. Probably not appropriate or professional. BUT probably better for me to say that than hooker and hussy. Both words that came to mind.

Isn't there some kind of universal tool for this? Doesn't the military use something helpful? What was the proper H word I should have been using?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mind the Gap

Remember these ladies? We were all together two weekends ago. Had a sleepover. (pillow fights and braided each others hair). Went to General Relief Society Conference together. I love that Barbara Thompson sister. Gave a wonderful talk... "Mind the Gap" Here's the gist...

Several years ago I visited some dear friends in London, England. During this visit I traveled on the tube—a subway system of underground trains that people use frequently to get from place to place. In each of these busy subway stations, there are warning signs about dangers that people may encounter. Lights flash on and off to notify people that a train is approaching and they need to stand back. There is also a sign to remind people that there is danger—a gap between the train and the station platform. The sign says, “Mind the Gap.” This reminds people not to let their foot get caught in the gap and not to drop anything in the gap because it will go under the train and be lost. The caution sign is needed and warns people of a very real danger. In order to be safe, people must “mind the gap.”
Many of us have gaps in our own lives. Sometimes it is the difference between what we know and what we actually do or the gap between our goals and what we actually accomplish. These gaps can be reminders
of ways in which we can improve or, if ignored, can be stumbling blocks in our lives.

Read the talk. It is a good one.

I did a study abroad in London years ago. This talk got me thinking about my own experience on the tube. Shout out to Miss Hannah. Good times.

This little Idaho girl loved feeling like a city girl. What is more "city girl" than riding an underground train everyday?

We were there one of the hottest European summers of history. The tube wasn't air conditioned. I think that they perhaps should consider changing that (if they haven't already) OR maybe install showers were people can rinse off before boarding. Extreme heat+tube+lots of people who don't value daily showers=wretched smell.

Street performers. So fun. Usually really good and often creepy.

Vending machines right on the tracks... Filled with Cadbury specialties. Heaven. Americans can't touch their chocolate over there. They just do it better.

People watching. LOVED it. Such a melting pot.

Sometimes it was tricky to hold on when the tube was in motion. Wish I would have learned this trick:

Hands free. Tubular.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tell me

Should one feel guilty for:

Eating a lot of ice cream? I mean... a few bowls (meaning more than one) everyday for several days in a row?

Letting her handsome boyfriend pay 2 dollars at the fair so we could get a look at the shortest woman in the world? (she was 29 inches... I imagine that most people would be curious.)

For having Fergilious song lyrics in her head ALL day long then struggling to get them out of her head during prayers?


Just curious.

I wouldn't feel guilty.... but that's just me.

fergilious def-i-nition... make them boys go loco....

Ok maybe a little guilty about the smallest woman in the world...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this is an old pic of me and Rach

Went to dinner at Mikado with my friend Rachael on Friday night. We like Mikado.

Used the bathroom at Mikado. Even though it was clean I took the time to manually cover the seat with a few layers of toilet paper. My butt does NOT want to share germs with any of their butts (as in anyone who used the facility before me).

Later that night I went to tuck in my shirt and felt something. First thought was, "Oh silly me- a dryer sheet!"


Went to pull the "dryer sheet" out and well, it wasn't a dryer sheet. It was toilet paper. It kept coming too. Went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants, about a half of a roll fell down with them. Yep. I some how managed to pull up all the layers of toilet paper that I had laid down on the seat with my pants.

Not only am I padding my bra these days but my behind too.


Monday, September 14, 2009

too late to apologize

I feel ashamed. A while ago I saw a woman wearing bright red lipstick, told her that she was rocking it and that it looked great....THEN noticed she had it on her teeth.... and didn't tell her. Totally could have. Just didn't. This woman was not a stranger, she was an acquaintance. I let her smile beam a little brighter and widen and inch or two with the compliment and then sent her off to smile big for all the world to see her red toothed grin.

I am sorry. I hesitated. Next time, I will tactfully do my duty as a fellow woman and inform you of the mishap.

To all of you: If I am EVER wearing red lipstick anywhere besides my lips... tell me. Do NOT hesitate. ok?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

miss me?

I am easily persuaded by advertisements. Deliberate advertising or not. I'm a good target.
See the guy on the corner holding a sign for the latest pizza special? Yes, please.
Hear someone talking about a new mascara? I want it.
Movie previews? Make me want a double feature.
See a new beverage in the store...has a pretty, shiny label...I want to try it.
Me and my roommate were on a run a few days ago and someone was barbecuing. Sniff, sniff. Dang, that smells good. I want a steak.
So right after we ran, we went to the store and purchased beef.

Lucky for me I am not very impulsive and can usually fight off any insane purchases. BUT it's in my blood. My dad has purchased several things off infomercials. I think it's hilarious.

A few of my favorites, ALL purchased via infomercial:

The paint roller that carries the paint in the stick. Pretty useful. However, I do remember hearing a few cuss words while he was using it. Not always as handy as you want it to be.The BBQ that uses only newspaper as fuel. I know. Who buys this? My dad.

And the latest... Wasn't surprised to see this weird contraption in the dining room when I went home a few months ago. It is suppose to help with back alignment or something.

Ok, this last one is fun. It apparently works too. ( And if you are noticing the wheelchair in the background- no, neither of my parents use a wheelchair... My granny use to live with them.)
So are YOU a good consumer? Do you want the ordering info for any of the above? ;) Do you have a product I MUST try? OR if you don't have a comment on the subject feel free to tell me that you have missed me and my blogs. (it HAS been 2 weeks.) :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

without clothes or fear

When someone shares that they have a sunburn in a place that most people don't usually get sunburned.... what usually comes to mind?
That this person has just come from a week at San Diego's nude beach? Yeah, I normally don't go there either. In the future don't be so quick to rule that out. Apparently San Diego has one. Yep. This person said that he's been going for years. A little shy at first.... but after deciding that it was just way too hot he took the nakey plunge!! (cause swim suits are rather warm) He now enjoys his time on the beach with all the other nudists. Don't worry he informed me that it was a great beach. Family friendly. People playing volleyball and picnicking. Sounds great yeah?
Um NO!! Are you picturing this? Family friendly? Naked people jumping around playing volleyball???!! That has disaster written all over it. Things could get caught in the net. Or sitting around shooting the breeze whilst eating hot dogs and sipping cola. Pass the ketchup.... What if it brushed up against something?? NO! NO!! So wrong. This could scar children for life.
I applaud him for living out loud. Having the confidence to be naked and nude in public for all to see is brave. Very, Very brave.
I'm a coward.
BUT it might be a good laugh to see all the nudeys.

naked and nude, naked and nude.

If you are not a coward. Piece of advice... Put sunblock on EVERYWHERE.


In no paticular order.... Here are some pictures from my week of nieces and nephews. They ARE cute huh??? I know. adorable.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

I'm gone. Visiting family. Currently acting as the nanny/auntie extraordinaire. Pictures will be shared eventually.
This is what I have learned so far....
-When I am done walking or am tired if I just announce that my legs are broken someone is bound to eventually pick me up. Works for a certain nephew of mine anyway. I'm a sucker.
-Yukons are big. They make me feel small while driving them, convenient with children and they turn on a dime.
-Coconut shrimp + Roy Rogers + speed scrabble= girls gone wild...or at least fun with fantastic sisters in-law.
-Walking your newly 4th grader nephew into school on his first day is bound to bring back all your own emotions from that time.
-Colorado is a place of many dinosaur findings. Who knew?
-I miss jumping on a trampoline. Fun. Crack the egg and bread and butter were taught to the young ones. (love that these games are named after food. breakfast food. mmmm)
-I need to slow down. I got pulled over for the 4th time in the last 9 months on my way home from Colorado. No ticket. AND it's not because I have a nice rack (you know what I am talking about) either. Those of you that know me, KNOW this wouldn't..couldn't be the reason.
-Nothing is better than hearing a beloved niece or nephew say, "Anna, I just love you!" I eat this up.
Loving it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

MISS understood

So, I got a few comments about my Helen Keller post. Can't say I am surprised at some of them.  For the record...I am NOT prejudice against the deaf. Nope. I am not. I merely thought it quite funny that the maker of this hideous name had never heard what it sounded like.

I like deaf people just as much as I like people who can hear. I think it is cool that they can talk with their hands and find ways to function in this world without the gift of sound.

What I am prejudice about is people making up stupid names.

that's all.

Don't hate.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

tell me

What do you think? My blog is purple now. Do you like? Or should I go back to pink??

Helen Keller

A couple brought in their new born baby to my place of employment this last weekend. I saw that the baby's name was______. (hippa regulations-can't tell) This name was interesting. When I say interesting I mean re-dic-less.

I sweetly comment to the proud new parents, "Wow, what an interesting name! Where did you get it??"

The mother says, "My husband actually made it up." She then looks at the husband and signs to him what I had just said. (signed, as in talked with her hands, sign language.)


Really? He is deaf? You let the deaf guy choose this name for your child? He doesn't have any idea what it sounds like, he made it up. Chose 6 random letters from the alphabet and put them together. The name might look pretty in the American Sign Language, but verbally spoken it is joke.

Good thing the baby was beautiful. Precious even.

Eh, what do I know. The kid won't get anymore crap than any kid born in Utah in the last 5 years. Her name will fit in with all the other crazy names that parents make up these days. She will probably have a best friend named Bunderlai and fall in the love with a boy known as Rymon.

Deaf or not. Why do they do it?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

things that MUST go -part 2-

The list continues. See previous post.

-My potty mouth. I like to swear and it is not becoming for a young lady. I am not dropping f-bombs or anything. I only use the good solid classics. You know, h-word, d-word, s-word and occasional b-word. It MUST go. I just don't know if it REALLY will.
-Working every Saturday. It sure sucks the fun out of my life.
-People thinking I am older than I really am. I know that I exude maturity (ahem) but really??? I am 26. Not 30 and not even 28. What does this mean for me as the years go on? Will they think I am 40 when I am 32??? Go. It must go.
-Finals. All they do is cause unnecessary anxiety. They too must go.
-Wal-mart having better prices than other stores. I hate Wal-mart but damn it(one last little slip) they are cheaper! That must go!!

Go on, add a few more.

Monday, August 3, 2009

things that MUST go

I at one time listened to The Radio From Hell show on x96. They eventually got a little too angry and liberal for me but they could be funny.
Anyways... They use to do their lists of "things that must go" on Thursdays.

I'm feeling negative. So I will be doing my very own "things that must go" today. Or begin to. I have a feeling there will be many.

1. Old men in the short shorts. You know the kind. 2 1/2 inch inseam, I see them often in navy blue. You have a neighbor in his 70s who wears them while mowing the lawn, usually feels a shirt is optional too. A patient of mine was wearing a pair today and when he sat down I saw more of his man thigh than I was comfortable with. Why do they do it?
2. While we are on old men... I saw one walking pants less and with out undies from his garage to his house yesterday while driving home from church. Seriously. You may think its just a quick step out to the garage, I should be ok without pants or underwear....NO! No! It is not a quick enough step! I saw old wrinkly man butt right after church yesterday and it was disturbing. That must go too.
3. Temperatures over 90 degrees. When is it ever pleasant?
4. Diet Coke without caffeine. Why bother?

This is just the beginning.

Feel free to add.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Angry Dance

We: saw her in Tuacahn's "Footloose." She was fantastic and the show was fun.


were inspired by Ren and his outlet for his anger and frustration. We made a commitment. To dance when we were angry. Just dance it out. It worked for Ren. It works for us.

Be inspired. Kevin Bacon at his finest.

Are you committed now too?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An experience

Me and Mel went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was most lovely to see so many out and about showing off their potter pride. I want a Hogwarts scarf in the worst way.


They were not assigned seats and we were not exactly early. After searching 3 theaters we happened to fall upon two seats that weren't front row. We sat down half thinking someone would turn around to tell us they were being saved. I told Mel that I had just said a little prayer that we would find decent seats. How awesome is that? That I really had a little prayer in my heart that we would find seats for our movie???? baha! I am a horrible person.

Not long after I confessed about my prayer our noses were awakened to a very fowl smell. These seats were in back of a row of people with potent body odor. Wowza. It was bad. We both agreed that it was a lot like European body odor. You know the kind. Especially if you have been on public transportation over there on a hot day. We thought we would just get use to it. Unfortunately any time there was much movement the smell was awakened and stirred and seemed to almost slap us in the face. Eyes watering.

That's what I get for saying such a selfish prayer. ;)

Didn't ruin the movie for me though. We loved every second. Loved the movie.

I developed up crush on Harry. Is that wrong?

AND I discovered a new obsession. Coconut M&Ms. I am in love.

Life needs to be filled with experiences. Losing sleep, trying your best to ignore a fowl odor, drinking a very large soda and NOT peeing your pants, discovering a new favorite candy, watching a fantastic story on screen, and laughing with one of your bffs. That is an experience that is worth having.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love finding treasures in your pockets. Adult pockets may not be as exciting as little boy pockets with twigs, rocks, sling shots and wrappers, but treasures they do have. I especially love when you get out your winter coat and there is a 5 dollar bill in the pocket or your long lost lip gloss. I like finding washed ticket stubs too.

Did you know that wiener dogs love finding little treasures in pockets too? Yep. They do. My neighbors growing up had a couple of wiener dogs and anytime I was sitting on the ground they would put their little noses in my pockets and pull out my treasures. I always had little stickers and pink post-it notes and pieces of bubble gum. They were funny little dogs.

Apparently these dogs were great listeners too. Years after my neighbors moved away we saw them and they told us how they would hear me out in their back yard just talking to the dogs. Telling them all about my problems and so on. They heard this phrase a lot- "the boys won't let me play too." The boys being my brothers. We always referred to them as "the boys." The neighbors had a good laugh. Now, I don't exactly remember this but... it sounds like something I would do. Even now.

I need a dog. No, I need a neighbor with a dog.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A few things that surprise me:

When I type something, press spell check and find that I have NOT misspelled any words. Woot! Woot! (Sadly this is often followed by finding that I have just used the wrong form of the word. At least I spelled it right. sigh.)

My dad proudly informing me that he has added a 4 year supply of his favorite mouth wash to his storage. Not that surprising, but funny.

I am just now reading the 6th Harry Potter book. Completely bizarre that I haven't read it till now. Loved all the previous Potter books but this gem came out while I was serving a mission. It took me a while to want to read non churchy things. (I know, I was a complete nerd) By the time I was ready to read "worldly" things I had forgotten about my Potter love. My love for Potter is currently being renewed.

My friend Sarah is a yogi. A good one at that. Went to one of her yoga classes for the first time and loved it. I have never really done yoga. Felt great and hurt all at the same time.
We often are unaware that the people we are close to have some incredible skills because we don't get exposed to them. She was great. If you live in Provo check her out at "It's Yoga" at the RiverWoods. Namaste. ;)

I bruise like a peach. Really, I do. I tried taking a picture of my legs and it was too hideous to post. I have several icky bruises all over my legs right now. Not sure how I got them. Perhaps it was the roller coasters at Lagoon or maybe my roommate beats me up in my sleep. Could be either one...

Some surprises I like. Some I do not.

This. Yep. Really happened. I am surprised that a place where I normally feel safe was not so safe feeling. Feeling just fine now. Can't let one crazy ruin fun having for the rest of us.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Box

My friend text me this last week:

I got a blog for you. My credit card was stolen and they went to Red Box*.

Serious. Who steals a wallet, throws everything else out but the credit card and rents 11 movies from Red Box?
Why not do some damage with some online shopping? Fill your car up with gas, go out to a nice dinner, get a massage, buy season tickets to the Jazz, finally get a Kindle, and buy a couple of tickets to Tahiti? Just ideas.

11 dollars spent on her stolen credit card at the Red Box. Really? That was the best they could do??

What would YOU do with a stolen credit card? Assuming it wasn't wrong to charge up a storm with it.

* I have a few friends (Serena)... ahem... who may or may not know what Red Box is. I included a picture of a Red Box machine. You can get movies for 99 cents a night per movie. Wow. Cool huh? :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Now I know

I tend to drink a lot of water. Ok, I tend to drink a fair amount of caffeine. This means I have to urinate frequently. (or in other words- tinkle)
Today I had too tinkle really bad during a movie. Held out till it was over and booked it to the ladies room. A line. Of course.
I did the I gotta tinkle dance while waiting. When it was finally my turn I scrambled to get my pants down. 3 flipping buttons made this way too difficult. It took forever! Those tiny little things were tough and when all I could think about was not peeing my pants my skinny fingers suddenly functioned with the agility of chubby toddler.
At last the pants were down and while I tinkled I had an ah ha moment. THIS is why old ladies wear pants with elastic. They realize their limits. They know that continence is not their strongest attribute and their hands are too tired and ridden with arthritis to fiddle with pesky buttons. All they have to do is a downward tug and they are in business. Or at least doing their business.

Now I know. Old people are definitely smarter than we give them credit for.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's what fun is

Sacrifice. We sometimes have to give up something good to get something great.
Slept approximately 3 hours on Thursday night. A nap if you will. After a full days work instead of heading home to sleep, my roommate talks me into to a little trip up north to Lagoon. Did I mention that we have season passes? Yeah, we purchased them and plan on using them. A lot.

Friday was our maiden season pass holders voyage. That means we got our pictures taken for our Lagoon passports. We waited in line with all the other 10-15 year olds and said cheese. Wish my scanner was working because I had a planned and practiced pose. It speaks volumes on my maturity level.

Us before our first ride. Look at those tired eyes, and wow, that I've been up since 3am hair. Mel looks so fresh. Dang her.

Some might think we should be embarrassed. I'm not. I don't care that I am grown woman who loves a good roller coaster and lives for days on the lazy river. I am not ashamed.

Worth the sacrifice of sleep? Heavens yes. We rode a few rides, laughed a few good laughs and watched some people. Only stayed for a few hours because we can come back. When ever we want.

I love my life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have had a few moments as of late when I feel completely sentimental. Gotten all serious and told friends that I love em. Talked about my family to others and gotten teary eyed. I choked up over taco dinner with my roomies. I have gotten all mushy and serious. Really, I don't know why. Yeah, I know some of you think this is how I always am. BUT more so than normal.
I read this blog entry a few weeks ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. Click on this and promise to read it and watch the video (7:28) Please?
I related in such a real way to this. She (c jane) put it beautifully. It is priceless to have people in your life who will whistle immediately for you. Even if at times you feel at odds.
I have 3 older brothers. They are complete boys through and through. We are not a very huggy, mushy family. There was never a time that we sang around the piano at Christmas. We all argue and fight. Words that filled our house were not always peace and love.
They are all married to beautiful women and have gorgeous kids that I adore. At times I feel odd man out. I feel behind. I feel like I couldn't possibly be needed or thought about by my brothers. They all live in different states and are busy working hard to provide for their families. We are all worlds away.
Months and months ago my little heart got stomped on. As it leaked out to one brother the dominos fell and the news circulated in a matter of minutes. I was reminded of just how fantastic it is to have brothers. Each one called me. Came to my rescue. They talked me through. AND most importantly they offered to hurt the one who caused my little heart to hurt. :) They cared. A lot. I was taken back by how much support I felt.
I think I would experience what I felt with that said heart stomping again because of what I came away with. A very real understanding of how much my brothers love and care about me. They whistled immediately. We may not gab on the phone constantly. We don't live close enough to hang out all the time. BUT I know they would whistle for me and for each other immediately.
I am a lucky girl.

100 ah ah ah

(the ah ah ahs are to be read like The Count would say them on Sesame Street.)

It is my 100th post. Yep. It sure is. I have blogged 100 times. Count em. Actually don't. It may not be 100 posts that were posted. I have a few little lovelies that never made the cut and remain secret. Wouldn't you like to know.....

SO in honor of my 100th post I decided to favor you all with 100 little facts about ME!!

Here they go:

Do you really think I would do that? Do you REALLY think I would bore you all to death like that?......I just checked my posts to make sure I hadn't already done such a thing. phew.

Thanks for reading my blog. I like blogging. AND I like it when you read it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bumper Cars

Be honest. There are times when you are behind a car and you feel the urge to play bumper cars.... Instead of hitting the brakes you want to press the gas. Not to cause any damage or harm to the person... but it just sounds fun? All right there may be a time or two that I come down with a case of road rage and have a fleeting thought about ramming their back ends. BUT that is very rare. I'm not a violent or angry person.

Speaking of violence.

My dear friend Becky use to have to stay at her dad's house some weekends and more during the summer when we were in Jr high and high school. She had a mega beast for a step mom (we hated her because Becky did, don't really know if she was that bad). We(me and Emily) would end up at her dad's house with her and while we weren't checking out the neighbor boy* (HOT!!), we would sit around in the kitchen. It seemed we would be sitting on the floor a lot(probably so neighbor boy wouldn't catch us checking him out). Well, the mega beast had an abnormally large collection of crystal dishes and figurines. Crystal stuff. When boredom hit we would all choose which crystal piece would be the most fun to break. Seriously, we did.

We never did break one, but now every time I see a crystal figurine I just imagine it breaking and shattering into a thousand pieces.

I'm sick huh?

*A word on the neighbor boy. He visited from somewhere south if I am right. He was tall dark and handsome and drove a jeep AND he was the only boy we knew of that could pull off a pink polo shirt. We all loved him. Don't think one of us had more than a 2 line conversation with the boy. The view from the kitchen sink was perfect if he was out on the deck. (This just in... Emily reminded me his name...LANCE!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be Prepared

What is more important than having your water barrels filled? What would be the first thing you stocked up on in your storage?
If you are my dad it would be toilet paper.
If a natural disaster hits do not fear. My parents have a 2 and half year supply of toilet paper. Not even lying. 2 and half year supply. My dad bragged that it was 2-ply. Do you know what that looks like?? There is a mountain of toilet paper stacked in the basement. If it were to fall over it could very well smoother a small child. They can't fit it all in one space. There is some stacked in the pantry too. There was even a case sitting in the dining room for a time. (moved shortly after my arrival)
It seems that my dad is very concerned with having a clean hiney. He mentioned his purchase to the neighbors. Said there was no way that if worse came to worse that he would be forced into "wiping with grass." He may not have much to eat, but his bum will be comfortably cleaned.
For 2 and half years anyway.

My sister in-law and I laughed about it all weekend. And my brother teased us both saying that "one of us should blog about it."(in a valley girl voice)

done and done.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm awake. In fact, I have already been to work and worked a shift.

There is something about early mornings. As much as I hate being awake at 3am, when I see the sun coming up- life feels clear. Thoughts on the mind easier to understand.
They seem clear for a minute anyway. Not sure why. Maybe it's my diet coke, or maybe it's just a little miracle of the day.

When my alarm went off this morning I had every intention of coming back home after my shift and sleeping. I can't.

I think I will drive to Idaho. Yep. I think I will.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Confessions of a non-shopaholic

I am not as girly as I thought I was. I discovered I don't like shopping as much as I thought I did.
I tried going shopping by myself last week. I was in need of some new summer stuff. Three hours later all I had to show for it was a diet coke.
I hated it. I wanted to hire someone to do it for me instead. I was convinced that I could get my friends to turn me in to What Not to Wear and then Stacey and Clinton could put me in some a-line skirts, fitted jackets and some sassy shoes.
Ambee volunteered to help me. 2 hours with her and I think I bought just about everything that I tried on. Amber made me promise that I would listen to her direction. She actually talked me into (more like made me buy) a pair of skinny jeans. Yikes, I know. They were only $12.50- love forever21. No guarantees that they will be worn...
Shopping with a friend- more fun. Still wouldn't mind someone else doing it for me. A personal shopper? Yes please.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Someone told me that the advertisements that show up on the side of your facebook page are tailored to you and your profile. Is this true?
Woah. They are thorough. How did they know that I DO like men of color? AND how did they know that I need breast augmentation???
These guys are good.


Forgot to mention that I saw Wicked again. LOVE it. Loved it just as much as I did last year. Although he wasn't there this time.

Mel pointed out that the wizard looked a lot like our mission president. He did. Thanks. Now I will associate him with green and flying monkeys AND expect him to break out in song next time I see him.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

close your eyes

I am a vocal person. Not vocally talented, just vocal. I am a talker. blah, blah, blah. I talk. I talk to myself too. (completely normal)
With me being vocal, it should not be surprising that I like to sing in the shower. A few weeks ago I resurrected one of my favorite shower songs.

It was one of the 4 songs in my shower singing repertoire. I was in my early teens that these were sung religiously in the shower. I thought I sounded AMAZING. The shower does have amazing acoustics.
I was singing "Eternal Flame", and Mel stuck her head in the bathroom and started singing along too. Did I mention that we are both great singers? ha ha.

What were the other 3 songs that I loved to sing?

Too Many Walls by Cathy Dennis
The Star Spangled Banner
A Child's Prayer

Last week we heard our other roommate Amber singing Jingle Bells in the shower. It made us giggle.

Do you sing in the shower? You should. It is fun. Do it. If you are shy, forget that. Everyone sounds amazing whilst singing in the shower.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am sure that I am not the only one who just has those days when you long for your momma. Typically those days are when the world seems like it might end or if you have been puking your guts out and you need some one to hold your hand. Lately my world hasn't seemed horrible and really I am a healthy and happy girl, but I was longing for my momma.

She said she needed a break. She has been caring for my dad's mother. So I talked her into driving down to see her ONLY daughter.

We went to Kneaders for breakfast and she said "I couldn't ask for something more delicious!" She had raspberry bread pudding and I ate divine french toast.

Kneaders Breakfast mmmm. Isn't she cute?

We went and got our toes done, saw Amy and her baby, met Auntie for lunch, shoe shopped and went to the book store. We hung out.

me and darling baby Alice Lynn

My mom has not read my blog. Said that she wanted to, and expressed interest in having one of her own. I giggled. My mom has been an avid reader since I can remember. The woman has several books going all the time. I remember waiting to go to the store. I would whine, and she would say, "just let me finish this book." There would be 25 pages but she would finish in just a few minutes. I remember Louis L'Amour books. Lots of them. She likes mysteries too. My mom will read the last few pages if it gets too intense and then take a reliever breath and finish the book. That drives me nuts, but I think it makes her sweet. She doesn't want to spend the rest of the book worrying.

We went to the library a lot. The Portneuf Library. We road our bikes there or we would drive. I remember the smell. Once I had picked up a few things, (usually something ridiculous- like a book from the Sleep Over Friends series) I would sit in one of the hideous vinyl yellow or green lazy boy looking chairs that spun around and would secretly read 17 or Teen magazine. Sometimes I would flip through Ladies Home Journal and imagine myself as a grown up. Mostly I would just look at Teen and turn the chair in circles waiting for mom. She was lost in the paper backs.

What I did not know this whole time is that my mom likes to write. I had no idea. She said that she is a published writer. She wrote a few things for the college paper or magazine. Did some things for a spanish newspaper after her mission. She writes poems too. I had no idea.

I was so disappointed that I did not know this. I asked her how I could have missed this. She said that can happen when you are a full time school teacher, wife to a husband and have a house full of kids.
I do remember her helping me a little with writing one of my young author stories in the 4th grade. It was titled "Brother Free Gum." Magical chewing gum that made annoying brothers disappear. Ha. It won first prize.

I love that now I am old enough to appreciate her. To be friends with her.

lunch with Auntie, Mom and me

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

bippity boppity


A few things on my mind.

Finals are over. Another semester down. One year from now I should be done with nursing school. Hell Yeah! (its my blog, and I will swear if I want to)

With finals being over I am ready for my stress acne to be gone.

My sister in-law told me about this blog. She is going on 31 dates, with 31 different guys, the last 31 days of her 31st year. AND she is blogging about all of them and then we get to vote on who she goes on a second date with. So fun! She has such a great attitude about all of them too. She lists her top 5 favorite things about each date/guy. I love that. We so easily notice the annoying or crazy things. Love that she focuses on the good.

Ok, back to me having a few weeks without school stress. I want to read a book. I miss reading for fun. I miss that whole, I can't function until I finish this book because it is so good feeling.
So tell me what to read. I only have 2 weeks. Hurry. Oh, I plan on reading the book by the pool. Yes, by the pool with lemonade. Hurry and pray for continuous sunshine too.

Did I mention that I have not gotten out of bed yet? It is 10:45am. I am amazing. Amazing meaning lazy. Lazy meaning happy.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello to Happy

So, I have been reading this blog every now and again. She has been posting peoples lists of things that bring them happiness. I loved it. I loved it so much that decided I would make my own list. It has officially brightened up my finals study session.

1. Thinking that this time next week my finals will be over.
2. Diet Coke with vanilla (fountain, NOT bottle)
3. Singing in the shower (more to come on that)
4. Sunshine.
5. Feeding the ducks at the park.
6. Lunch/Dinner dates with friends.
7. Phone calls from my momma. With my dad in the back ground, interjecting all over the place.
8. Laughing. Belly laughs. Full on laughing till it hurts.
9. A good story. Either one told by a friend, with all the juicy details, a book, a good blog post or a great film.
10. Checking things off a to-do list. Satisfying. Like pulling up a weed.

Do you have anything you would like add to my list?? Feel free. In fact, if you read this post, I demand you to add something to it that makes you happy. Do it. Do it now.

Here's to happiness! Cheers! ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

An asset to my entourage

Recently I heard that a male friend of mine was adopting another guy into his friend circle. My male friend is thinking that this new guy is a good looking dude. This new guy is meant to be his new wing man.
Do women do this? Last time I checked all my friends were my friends because we like hanging out, we have common interest, they laugh at my jokes, we have common histories, we like each other, we like to talk to each other, and we make each other laugh.
Do I have this all wrong? Do I need to start looking at girls, and think to my self, "would you be an asset to my entourage*?" Meaning will you help me pick up guys? Will you lure them in with your beauty, and then I will do my best not to mess it up by saying inappropriate things or being too over the top??

*Entourage. I don't have one. But I liked the way the phrase "an asset to my entourage" sounded. What I should say is, an asset to a group of friends that let me be seen with them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mrs. Heckles

My roommate was laughing this morning. She was laughing because there was a broom by our night stands. (and when I say nightstands, I mean our plastic drawers. classy huh?)
The broom is there because we have some LOUD new neighbors upstairs.
They have been loud all week. At one point they got scary loud and we may or may not have made a call into the police.
I miss our old neighbors. We never met them but they were quiet. Except for a few times when we think they were..... ya know, doing it.
The new people walk around upstairs like they are really heavy people that stomp around instead of walk around.
So the broom. Do you remember Mr. Heckles from Friends? The cranky neighbor that lived below Monica and Rachael? I pulled a Mr. Heckles and pounded on the ceiling with my broom. It didn't give me the sound quality I was wanting because our broom is an Ikea special that is made out of plastic. Even though it was weak, it did sort of work for a minute.
I think I may need a new broom.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cherries and feathers

Me and spring love each other.
I love cherry blossoms. This morning I loved these specific cherry blossoms. My walk to my car was delightful. I would love them even more if they didn't smell so awful. That needs to be fixed. They could cross breed them with roses or something right?
Fix it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing Pains

This theme song has been stuck in my head since January. How did it get there?

Wasn't Kirk Cameron dreamy? Do you remember Mikey's best friend Boner? hahahaha
Were any of you annoyed with the new Seaver kid that came along? Chrissy? Did anyone else wish their parents would build an apartment above the garage?

Or was I the only one who grew up watching this?

I think I am going to try and get this song on my iPod. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

A sweet sound

Little fists knocking on my door and little voices saying, "Aunt Anna, hi, we are here, Aunt Anna open the door!"

My sister in-law and three of my nephews came to my apartment tonight. Stuffed animals in arms and pizza to share.

Loved having them. Jett filled me in on his popularity at school and explained to me that the reason his feet smell, is because he runs really fast so his feet get sweaty. ;)

Luke. Oh Lukey. When I stated that I wish I didn't have to go to work, Luke shared his wisdom. He said that I gotta get me a husband. Then, I could quit my job and my husband could go to work for me. So wise this little guy.

Then there is Tommy. This little 3 year old engages in non stop wrestling. He pulled a few Chuck Norris moves on me and his brothers. Spin kicks and body checks.

Love them. Wish their little fists knocked on my door more often.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miracle of

My darling cousin had her baby last night.
AND she let me come and see.
This was my first OR experience and it was my first live birth experience.
They cut her open, (ever so tenderly) and prodded and pulled, THEN pushed on her belly a little bit and SWEET baby Alice came out!

you can tell little Amy doesn't look comfortable here. :(

Amy, you are a doll to let your curious and interested nursing student cousin come and check out your c-section. It was a lovely uterus and your ovaries and fallopian tubes look fabulous! Not to mention that cute baby that was living in that nice uterus of yours for the past 9 months!

Baby Alice LYNN (like MY middle name!!) 7lb 10oz. Chubby cheeks and dimpled chin.
Me and baby Alice are going to have a special bond. I can feel it.
Welcome little Alice!
Thanks again Amy and Randy for letting me in on the excitement!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rinse and repeat

Do you ever wish you could wash more than just the daily grime off in the shower? Sometimes I think I almost convince myself that if I stay in there long enough my flaws (I'm talking inner flaws, not extra weight or crooked noses) will rinse off with my shampoo.
Sadly, I have yet to find a strong enough soap. I unfortunately get only temporary relief and all my flaws just stick to me like tattoos.
For the 10-20 minutes* that I am in there, I feel pretty good.
If my skin didn't prune and if hot water didn't run out, I think there would be days that I would just stand there all day.

* I know, I know it's not good for the earth to take that long of showers. I know that my roommates sometimes hate me because I have taken all the water. I want to know how Jennifer Aniston takes 3 min showers. How. How?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it because I am lazy?

My iPod is not functioning. It doesn't bring music to my ears. I need it. How did I function with out it for so long? Remember when I first purchased it?
I haven't worked out since it decided to punish me with its silence.
Fix it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is GOOD to do things that make you feel


*Does this picture make you laugh? Becuase I was hoping that it would.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

party in the back

My brother text me this picture today. With the caption "business in front, party in the back."
Yes, I realize that it probably wasn't the most reverent thing to do in church, BUT how could he not?

You have to some respect for a man who takes such pride in his looks. My brother said the guy ran his fingers through his luscious locks repeatedly.

Happy Sabbath. ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


For the most part, I like people. Having friends is a definite plus.
I have a diverse set of friends. Not many are alike.
I have recently incorporated an old new friend into my lunch date schedule. We will call him Mr. D. He is 82 years old and he is hilarious. I have known he and his wife for a few years through my place of employment. His sweet wife passed away in November, and bless his heart he misses her hard. We've started lunching.

This is how it goes: I pick him up (he doesn't have a license anymore), we drive to the restaurant and this is the best part- He walks in, bypasses the hostess and walks to the table he prefers. No one really says anything because... he is old and they can get away with things like that.
We talk. We talk about his wife, my dating life, church and tell jokes. He might order a non alcoholic beer, and I might have a swig. He likes to talk to everyone (almost everyone who walks by) and I fancy good chit chat so it's fun.

Here is a highlight from last week:
we were discussing the pros and cons of 3 hours of church
Me: "Sometimes my roommates and I have a hard time sitting through Relief Society." no offense RS peeps, but sometimes my ADD kicks in, and I'm usually hungry.
Mr. D: "That's why you need to get yourself one of these! he took out his iPod touch This thing gets me through the third hour!"

Make new old friends. They are fun.

ps- Last week we ate at Stella's on 9th east. mmmm it was good.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It was bring your dog night at the Grizzlies Hockey game on Saturday night. So this meant the following---
People actually brought their dogs to the arena?! Really they did! The dogs sat on their laps, shared seats and barked when other people would cheer. The combination of the all the different dog aromas, beer and corn nuts* = pungent. For the most part I could enjoy the game. There were a few moments, and I will spare you the details, that my eyes and nose burned a little.
All this aside. I do enjoy a little hockey. Why is it they we all find so much joy when the players fight? Why am I disappointed if 6 min go by and there is no physical hurt delivered to one another?

Here is a couple that sat behind us at the game.... Each had a dog on their laps. That does not appeal to me. At all.
I say leave your dogs at home and get a hot dog at the game.
*Even though that smell was horrible, I really could go for some corn nuts now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The rain is gone

After a year of struggling with wearing my eye spectacles I finally got contacts. What prompted this? Perhaps it was me walking into the men's bathroom accidentally, or seeing people in the hallways and only being able to identify who they are because of their specific body shape (a system that has failed a few times). I'm loving the contacts. In fact I am wearing them right now, and I managed to put them in without the help of my roommate Amber. I even took them out by myself last night. Soon I will be able to do it in under 30 minutes.

While I am on the subject- I wish my eyes were able to take pictures. Not just mental pictures that I can see in my head but pictures that I could share with all of you. I see some pretty fantastic things that I wish we could discuss later. Like yesterday the guy with the handle bar mustache that reached to his collar bones. The best part is that he was other wise clean cut wearing a pair of Nike's. I felt like he should have been in a saloon, spurs on his boots, dust everywhere and a tumble weed should roll by.

Wouldn't it be that much better if I had a picture to show?

I can see clearly now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Yeah, I have seen the movie and to be honest, I have read most of the book too. The movie and the book are entertaining and yes, educational.

The book goes over some basic principles that women need to be reminded. You see, women give guys more credit than they deserve. We trick ourselves into thinking that they are deeper than they really are when it comes to dating. I have found and the book will also back me up on this, guys are mostly what you see is what you get when it comes to the dating game. Examples the book/movie give: He's just not that into you if--
- He's not calling you.

- He's not asking you out.

- He's sleeping with someone else. (Mormon equivalent- making out with someone else)

- He's not dating you.

- He's disappeared on you.

Women have this crazy ability to take something like one of the above and follow it up with, something like---"He's scared" or "I intimidate him." Lovely thoughts.... but really are guys that deep when it comes to dating? If he is interested and he wants to see you or have you in his life, I think you will know because he asks you out or he will actually be dating you and not making out with some other chic. There ARE exceptions to the rule.... but not many.

So yes, the book and movie make some great points. What they don't tell us is the why... Why isn't he that into me?

I know the answer. Well, I have this theory. I developed it a few years ago. It came to me because I noticed girls do this really mean thing to themselves. Instead of just figuring the guys just don't mesh with you, or there just isn't a connection, girls' minds lead them to crazy ideas.... He's just not that into me because I'm too fat, boring, too loud, not pretty enough. uninteresting etc. etc. Why do that to your self???

I came to this conclusion- He's just not that into you because............HE IS GAY. The perfect catch all. No more wondering if it was your annoying laugh. It is the fact that you are not a guy and he prefers them. He tried to cover it but you are just too much of a woman! Him being gay is nothing a girl can fix. Him being gay means there is nothing wrong with you and him being gay means whew! you saved yourself from a Brokeback Mountain reunion down the road. Wish him well and hope he finds some guy out there to love.

So if you find your self being rejected, do not waste time wondering what it is about you. Just tell your self he is gay and move on. ;)
I feel like this is some kind of public service announcement. Ladies, you are welcome. ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

should be studying....

But I can't. This is a trend. In fact the last 5 blog post have all been because I didn't feel like studying.

Things on my mind:

In the last week I have accidentally walked into the men's bathroom twice. I should really wear my glasses more, or just break down and get contacts.

Change. A lot of change has recently come in my life. Some good. Some not so good.

I have had several people recently tell me I look like her:

Scarlett Johansson. I don't really see it. It is flattering I suppose. .. Perhaps it is because she is in that new movie that just came out. "He's Just Not That Into You." Her characters name is Anna in the movie. Maybe that's it. Her character sucks though, she is a dirty home wrecker. She's curvy and well... I am not. At all. I am not a dirty home wrecker either. I don't know if Scarlett is one in real life.

Ok, I am done. I can study now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orange you glad?

I woke up this morning and had chips and salsa for breakfast. Weird? Maybe. Delicious? Very.

I then put on my Thursday outfit. In the last few weeks, on my day off that is Thursday, I pretty much wear the same thing. I'm in a phase. I wear my orange tennis shoes, my 20 dollar jeans, a gray sweatshirt and my gray hat. Cute? No, not so much. BUT I love it anyways. To be honest I wear the Thursday outfit on other days too. Like Sundays after church, or Saturdays after work or to school. I am not sick of the outfit either. I would wear it every day but I am extremely hygienic and insist on washing things after one use.
These orange shoes have been reborn. I bought them 6 years ago when I was in London. I didn't pay them much attention and they didn't get much time out of the closet til now. The last month has been their "coming out party," if you will, and they do.
Loving the no snow on my sidewalk.

*I know that I have the WORST english/grammar. I put commas where I feel and seldom re-read what I have typed. I don't even really know the proper placing of commas and semicolons. So if you do find grammatical errors.... good for you. Consider my blog a treasure hunt for error. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am happy that January is gone. I will not miss this past month at all. (except for the first few days...)
44 days until Spring. I need it now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ridiculous is a fun word to say, at least I like saying it.
My dad, for the life of him can NOT pronounce this word correctly. It is a word he often uses. He prefers to say it re-dic-less. Baha! It makes me laugh when he says it.
You want to know what I think is re-dic-less?

Me driving, losing control and sliding off the icy road and slamming into a pretty iron fence in the front of a little mansion. Me leaving a note with my info and then my car not starting. boo. This happening all before 7am and making me very late for my clinical.

A heavy set 77 year old man wearing a hot pink polo shirt with the collar popped and oakley glasses. He then trying to talk to me while using words like dude, and slipping in a few cuss words. He WAS re-dic-less.

The Bachelor. I watched it last night, and these women make me embarrassed for my gender. With that said... I might need to watch it again next week. Just so I can laugh at them...

Things not so re-dic-less:

My roommates/friends who bail me out with picking my stranded self up and giving me rides. If I were 19 and living in Provo I would bear my testimony next fast and testimony meeting on how much I love them. I would probably end up crying and then share something I had learned from Oprah.

AAA is lovely. You know the emergency road service people? I think that is the best 50 bucks I spend each year. They are re-dic-less-lee fantastic.

Dontella gelato from the gelato place down my street. Its chocolate hazelnut, and it makes me happy.

Ridiculous....Re-dic-less. Fun to say.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If adventures to not befall a young lady in her own village

She must seek them abroad. jane austen

A few weeks ago my friends and I had no idea what was missing in our lives. We were "cruise virgins." We had no idea that a world of bliss on water, 24 hour room service, sunning on decks, ice cream cones around the clock, no one telling you no, multiple entrees each night, happy people every where, nightly entertainment, towels in the shape of animals and chocolates on your pillows even existed.
We cruised. We cruised and we loved every moment of it.
Our cruise took us to Mexico. Cabo San Lucas brought us beautiful sunshine, clear blue water, Lalo our favorite snorkeling guide, and many admiring Mexican men. Ensenada Mexico brought us fish tacos that I will never be able to forget, a famous blow hole and lots of bargain shopping.
I am safely saying that it just might have been one of the best weeks I have had in my 25, I mean 26 years of life. Oh, the stories we could tell.... Oh, the stories we won't tell. Like Vegas, what happens on a cruise ship, stays on the cruise ship. :)

All my single ladies and I:

Why don't more people cruise?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Sun,

I didn't see you for two days. I missed your sunshine and the Vitamin D you give me.

I plan on meeting you here next week:

Anticipating our reunion.....


Anna's pale, white skin.