Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colder please.

Dear Refrigerator Gods,

I was fine with our refrigerator breaking the day we got married. Really, I was. It meant I didn't have to clean it after all the usage by the single men (one especially messy one).
It was fun to pick out a new one with the husband. Cute. Our first big purchase.

I have loved the new fridge. All nice and new. Making ice and giving me filtered water. Keeping food cold and the freezer was a champ! Things that needed to be frozen were.

Then after a weekend away and a brutal night shift, when I came home to a smelly warm refrigerator and the damaged wood floors-- I just sighed and chuckled. Oh, such is life. I didn't even vomit when I cleaned it all out.

Today, however, I am annoyed. It can be fixed. But not until next Tuesday. Boo on that. I want my fridge to work. I want cold food. I want to eat something besides peanut butter toast.

Fix it. And I mean before Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

smells like teen spirit

Guarantee that if you were to blindfold yourself and put ear plugs in that you would know if you were in a room with high school girls.... They smell like body spray and gum.

Really they do. They smell like they swim in body spray and then dry off with pieces of gum.

When I was in high school. Victoria Secret pear spray was all the rage. In fact I remember my sister in-law encouraging me to wear it on my very first date.

I don't even know what the rage is now.

What was your high school scents of choice?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hi blog world,

I prayed Saturday night before going to bed that my shift for work would be cancelled. I ended up working 16 1/2 hours instead... I think my prayer was intercepted.

Dreamt last night that I was still in high school. Threw a party, and it was lame. Woke up feeling insecure.

Now all I want is a hot fudge sundae.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Made me happy

Shoe shopping last week. Had to get something for my poor feet to survive these 12 hour shifts. No way will I be purchasing crocs. I refuse to ever wear those hideous things.
I was trying on some good old reliable Danskos. The very nice shoe salesman measured my feet and then said something that would make any size 9 girl beam inside. "Your feet are petite." I wanted to kiss him. (Like the way you would kiss your grandpa.)

I have petite feet! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010


So, I was just experimenting with making collages on picasa and decided that I needed to share some more pics of some adorable of lil children who also share a bit of dna with me.

cute huh?

Friday, September 3, 2010


I got a pretty sweet graduation gift from Dave. A pretty little rode bike and some spandex to wear while we ride.

Only been on a handful of rides, and I have to say that I have taken to wearing spandex. It is actually quite lovely. Especially the extra padding in the bum area. Not too shabby.

Love riding with Dave too. Eventually I need some gals to ride with, but I pretty much love riding with him. He lets me ride behind him so he takes most of the wind and most of all he tells me good job and gets excited for me when I make it to the top of a hill.

Did my first canyon Wednesday. We did not plan on going to the top when we started but I couldn't NOT finish it. My legs were on fire and I may or may of not have shed a few tears at the top. BUT it felt amazing!

(me at the top of emigration)

Got home and made this drink to celebrate. SO yummy!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy sabbath

Woke up early Sunday morning to prepare a talk.
30 minutes later remembered that we had plumbing problems the night before. No toilet today.
Tried to hold it for awhile. Maybe I can hold it till church at one? Not a freakin chance.
Hopped in the car, told husband I didn't know where I was going for sure, just had to take care of business.
Pulled into the Holiday Gas station. Ran in, relieved to see a bathroom. Disappointed that I had to ask for a key.
After taking care of "business" I was washing my hands and got startled by the image in the mirror. Greasy pony tail, crooked glasses and oh yeah, my shirt was inside out. Probably had eye buggers and I hadn't brushed my teeth either.
Came out feeling better. I bought some gum because I felt awkward.
Yep. Broke the Sabbath. Ox was in the mire. Don't judge.

PS- We have working plumbing now. Please feel free to stop at our place if you ever have a similar problem. No need to buy gum or feel awkward.