Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A few things that surprise me:

When I type something, press spell check and find that I have NOT misspelled any words. Woot! Woot! (Sadly this is often followed by finding that I have just used the wrong form of the word. At least I spelled it right. sigh.)

My dad proudly informing me that he has added a 4 year supply of his favorite mouth wash to his storage. Not that surprising, but funny.

I am just now reading the 6th Harry Potter book. Completely bizarre that I haven't read it till now. Loved all the previous Potter books but this gem came out while I was serving a mission. It took me a while to want to read non churchy things. (I know, I was a complete nerd) By the time I was ready to read "worldly" things I had forgotten about my Potter love. My love for Potter is currently being renewed.

My friend Sarah is a yogi. A good one at that. Went to one of her yoga classes for the first time and loved it. I have never really done yoga. Felt great and hurt all at the same time.
We often are unaware that the people we are close to have some incredible skills because we don't get exposed to them. She was great. If you live in Provo check her out at "It's Yoga" at the RiverWoods. Namaste. ;)

I bruise like a peach. Really, I do. I tried taking a picture of my legs and it was too hideous to post. I have several icky bruises all over my legs right now. Not sure how I got them. Perhaps it was the roller coasters at Lagoon or maybe my roommate beats me up in my sleep. Could be either one...

Some surprises I like. Some I do not.

This. Yep. Really happened. I am surprised that a place where I normally feel safe was not so safe feeling. Feeling just fine now. Can't let one crazy ruin fun having for the rest of us.


Sarah said...

thanks friend, for the compliment. i'm really glad you enjoyed it!

and that is crazy about the gunman. scary. i am glad you are feeling fine now, but that would definitely shake me up.

and lastly, i'm glad you are reading harry potter again. book 6 is wonderful and book 7 is even better. :D

Larissa V said...

I feel like I missed some great shoot-out action. Our area of town looks so great, but I saw 8 cop cars outside the Rite-Aid on a Sunday and then that Thursday there were 2 marked cars, 2 unmarked cars, an ambulance, and a fire engine all at the Skippers by Albertson's - what the heck? I have tried to hypothesize or find out what was going on, but nothing.
I'm glad you guys are safe, that your dad has plenty of mouthwash (seriously, this man cracks me up and I haven't even met him), that you have returned to your faithfulness for Harry, and that I know you!!!!!!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...


dunnthat said...

SO glad you didn't die while we were gone. That would have been most inconvenient. May I suggest never leaving your apartment? Just a suggestion.

I'm always surprised when I come home from being gone all day and the kitchen elves haven't cleaned my kitchen. In fact, my dishes have GROWN while I was gone. I find it very rude.

Never underestimate the need for mouthwash. Just sayin'.