Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bloggers block.

Yes, so it has been a month since I have blogged. I just don't have the fever or the time. Pray for me. :)

I lost my mind briefly. Really. I did.

My mind is back. Here are a few things going on inside it...

Christmas is a lovely holiday.

Being with people you love make it fabulous.

Oriental people don't don't seem to age. I need to eat more rice or something. It must be the fountain of youth.

One of my favorite things is dipping a soft serve ice cream cone into a root beer fountain drink. Tasty. Tasty Treat. :) Thanks Rena for the use of your beverage.

Buddy's restaurant in Pocatello comes home with you. In the form of stench. For days. Garlic. Wow. (thanks ladies, good times!)

At the risk of sounding seriously so blessed, I need to tell the world that I have the best boyfriend in the world who is taking me to NYC for my Christmas/Birthday!!!! Woot Woot! Any must sees in NYC?? Share.

I like not going to school. I wish winter break never ended.

Snow is pretty. BUT it is also quite inconveniencing.

I think I look better when I have more than 5 hours of sleep.

Yesterday my iPod played one of the most lovely play lists. I pressed shuffle and my ears were treated so nicely. I didn't skip one song. That was happy.

PS- Does anyone else notice that a most of my blogs mention food at some point? Perhaps I should dig deeper into my soul next time I share...