Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It was bring your dog night at the Grizzlies Hockey game on Saturday night. So this meant the following---
People actually brought their dogs to the arena?! Really they did! The dogs sat on their laps, shared seats and barked when other people would cheer. The combination of the all the different dog aromas, beer and corn nuts* = pungent. For the most part I could enjoy the game. There were a few moments, and I will spare you the details, that my eyes and nose burned a little.
All this aside. I do enjoy a little hockey. Why is it they we all find so much joy when the players fight? Why am I disappointed if 6 min go by and there is no physical hurt delivered to one another?

Here is a couple that sat behind us at the game.... Each had a dog on their laps. That does not appeal to me. At all.
I say leave your dogs at home and get a hot dog at the game.
*Even though that smell was horrible, I really could go for some corn nuts now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The rain is gone

After a year of struggling with wearing my eye spectacles I finally got contacts. What prompted this? Perhaps it was me walking into the men's bathroom accidentally, or seeing people in the hallways and only being able to identify who they are because of their specific body shape (a system that has failed a few times). I'm loving the contacts. In fact I am wearing them right now, and I managed to put them in without the help of my roommate Amber. I even took them out by myself last night. Soon I will be able to do it in under 30 minutes.

While I am on the subject- I wish my eyes were able to take pictures. Not just mental pictures that I can see in my head but pictures that I could share with all of you. I see some pretty fantastic things that I wish we could discuss later. Like yesterday the guy with the handle bar mustache that reached to his collar bones. The best part is that he was other wise clean cut wearing a pair of Nike's. I felt like he should have been in a saloon, spurs on his boots, dust everywhere and a tumble weed should roll by.

Wouldn't it be that much better if I had a picture to show?

I can see clearly now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Yeah, I have seen the movie and to be honest, I have read most of the book too. The movie and the book are entertaining and yes, educational.

The book goes over some basic principles that women need to be reminded. You see, women give guys more credit than they deserve. We trick ourselves into thinking that they are deeper than they really are when it comes to dating. I have found and the book will also back me up on this, guys are mostly what you see is what you get when it comes to the dating game. Examples the book/movie give: He's just not that into you if--
- He's not calling you.

- He's not asking you out.

- He's sleeping with someone else. (Mormon equivalent- making out with someone else)

- He's not dating you.

- He's disappeared on you.

Women have this crazy ability to take something like one of the above and follow it up with, something like---"He's scared" or "I intimidate him." Lovely thoughts.... but really are guys that deep when it comes to dating? If he is interested and he wants to see you or have you in his life, I think you will know because he asks you out or he will actually be dating you and not making out with some other chic. There ARE exceptions to the rule.... but not many.

So yes, the book and movie make some great points. What they don't tell us is the why... Why isn't he that into me?

I know the answer. Well, I have this theory. I developed it a few years ago. It came to me because I noticed girls do this really mean thing to themselves. Instead of just figuring the guys just don't mesh with you, or there just isn't a connection, girls' minds lead them to crazy ideas.... He's just not that into me because I'm too fat, boring, too loud, not pretty enough. uninteresting etc. etc. Why do that to your self???

I came to this conclusion- He's just not that into you because............HE IS GAY. The perfect catch all. No more wondering if it was your annoying laugh. It is the fact that you are not a guy and he prefers them. He tried to cover it but you are just too much of a woman! Him being gay is nothing a girl can fix. Him being gay means there is nothing wrong with you and him being gay means whew! you saved yourself from a Brokeback Mountain reunion down the road. Wish him well and hope he finds some guy out there to love.

So if you find your self being rejected, do not waste time wondering what it is about you. Just tell your self he is gay and move on. ;)
I feel like this is some kind of public service announcement. Ladies, you are welcome. ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

should be studying....

But I can't. This is a trend. In fact the last 5 blog post have all been because I didn't feel like studying.

Things on my mind:

In the last week I have accidentally walked into the men's bathroom twice. I should really wear my glasses more, or just break down and get contacts.

Change. A lot of change has recently come in my life. Some good. Some not so good.

I have had several people recently tell me I look like her:

Scarlett Johansson. I don't really see it. It is flattering I suppose. .. Perhaps it is because she is in that new movie that just came out. "He's Just Not That Into You." Her characters name is Anna in the movie. Maybe that's it. Her character sucks though, she is a dirty home wrecker. She's curvy and well... I am not. At all. I am not a dirty home wrecker either. I don't know if Scarlett is one in real life.

Ok, I am done. I can study now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orange you glad?

I woke up this morning and had chips and salsa for breakfast. Weird? Maybe. Delicious? Very.

I then put on my Thursday outfit. In the last few weeks, on my day off that is Thursday, I pretty much wear the same thing. I'm in a phase. I wear my orange tennis shoes, my 20 dollar jeans, a gray sweatshirt and my gray hat. Cute? No, not so much. BUT I love it anyways. To be honest I wear the Thursday outfit on other days too. Like Sundays after church, or Saturdays after work or to school. I am not sick of the outfit either. I would wear it every day but I am extremely hygienic and insist on washing things after one use.
These orange shoes have been reborn. I bought them 6 years ago when I was in London. I didn't pay them much attention and they didn't get much time out of the closet til now. The last month has been their "coming out party," if you will, and they do.
Loving the no snow on my sidewalk.

*I know that I have the WORST english/grammar. I put commas where I feel and seldom re-read what I have typed. I don't even really know the proper placing of commas and semicolons. So if you do find grammatical errors.... good for you. Consider my blog a treasure hunt for error. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am happy that January is gone. I will not miss this past month at all. (except for the first few days...)
44 days until Spring. I need it now.