Tuesday, March 29, 2011


currently impressed by:

my texting skills.
i have a "smart phone" and it has that fancy schmancy swype texting. lovely little invention. however, every time i try and "swype" the word you, it comes out thou. i do this a lot. ive decided that it shows a higher level of respect to those that i text.

my ability to eat cookies.
girl scout cookies. samoas. husband doesn't eat them so he reminds me when they are gone that there is only one person to blame... ps- sugar cookies from smartcookie MUST be made with crack. it would be embarrassing to admit the actual amount of both kinds of cookies that i have recently consumed.

my ability to not vomit when a patient of mine does.
it is really gross. and it happens. vomit at the hospital happens a lot. but yet i have been able to NOT toss the above beloved cookies.

assuming you are impressed too.

-forgive the lazy, no capitalization and no punctuation ect. or... just be impressed by it.

- its been awhile huh?