Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ridiculous is a fun word to say, at least I like saying it.
My dad, for the life of him can NOT pronounce this word correctly. It is a word he often uses. He prefers to say it re-dic-less. Baha! It makes me laugh when he says it.
You want to know what I think is re-dic-less?

Me driving, losing control and sliding off the icy road and slamming into a pretty iron fence in the front of a little mansion. Me leaving a note with my info and then my car not starting. boo. This happening all before 7am and making me very late for my clinical.

A heavy set 77 year old man wearing a hot pink polo shirt with the collar popped and oakley glasses. He then trying to talk to me while using words like dude, and slipping in a few cuss words. He WAS re-dic-less.

The Bachelor. I watched it last night, and these women make me embarrassed for my gender. With that said... I might need to watch it again next week. Just so I can laugh at them...

Things not so re-dic-less:

My roommates/friends who bail me out with picking my stranded self up and giving me rides. If I were 19 and living in Provo I would bear my testimony next fast and testimony meeting on how much I love them. I would probably end up crying and then share something I had learned from Oprah.

AAA is lovely. You know the emergency road service people? I think that is the best 50 bucks I spend each year. They are re-dic-less-lee fantastic.

Dontella gelato from the gelato place down my street. Its chocolate hazelnut, and it makes me happy.

Ridiculous....Re-dic-less. Fun to say.


Rebekah said...

You are re-dic-less-lee hilarious! You made me cry. Really! Tears streaming down my face from laughter. :)

Kristin said...

That was great Nanners! Seriously keep em coming. I don't like it when you take LONG breaks from the blog. I need laughter in my life and you provide it my dear!

Sarah said...

oh anna. i heart you.

i am sorry for your poor car and for the old man who doesn't know that he is old.

and i am jealous that you have gelato and i don't.

and don't bash crying about roommates in testimony meeting. i really did love you guys!!! ;D

Marley Family said...

Anna your so funny you always take lemons and make lemonade. And your in big time truble for not calling me and telling me about your near death experience.

Brianne said...

Oh no! I didn't know your fence incident happened on you way to clinicals... Good thing you didn't have the beast to answer to!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

nanners bananners.....that little white fence didnt stand a chance.... but dont fret my dear..those mansion freeks will get over it. i also wanted to add that men suck, and your dads my hero. go mike~!!!!!

Niki said...

Hey there---- I loved this post. I loved the part about wanting to bear your testimony about your roomies.. Lol. Late to clinicals--- ahhhh.. one day that will all be just a horrible nightmare. Lol.