Wednesday, August 11, 2010

deep thoughts, sort of

The following things have gone through my mind today:

I hate it when I see a spider and I am naked. In the last week I have had 2 naked run ins with spiders while I am getting out of the shower. Being without clothes makes me feel vulnerable to the spider. Freaks me out. When I have clothes on I am a lot braver in the killing of the spider process.

My brother in-law is in the MTC. Thinking about him. Excited for him. Thinking about my own mission and missing how wonderful it feels to be a missionary. On that same note, happy to not be wearing pantyhose or knee highs.

My two new nephews that I need to cuddle.

My up coming dates with the sunshine and water. Happy!

Cooking. I think about cooking or food all of the time! It means more when you have a grateful husband to feed. (if you have a recipe site you care to it.)

I talk too much. Haven't thought certain statements through. Foot in mouth.

I need to change my name officially. I have an identity crisis every time someone asks for my name.

I haven't had a snow cone all summer. Tragedy.

And those things are all my mind has had to offer today.