Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have had a few moments as of late when I feel completely sentimental. Gotten all serious and told friends that I love em. Talked about my family to others and gotten teary eyed. I choked up over taco dinner with my roomies. I have gotten all mushy and serious. Really, I don't know why. Yeah, I know some of you think this is how I always am. BUT more so than normal.
I read this blog entry a few weeks ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. Click on this and promise to read it and watch the video (7:28) Please?
I related in such a real way to this. She (c jane) put it beautifully. It is priceless to have people in your life who will whistle immediately for you. Even if at times you feel at odds.
I have 3 older brothers. They are complete boys through and through. We are not a very huggy, mushy family. There was never a time that we sang around the piano at Christmas. We all argue and fight. Words that filled our house were not always peace and love.
They are all married to beautiful women and have gorgeous kids that I adore. At times I feel odd man out. I feel behind. I feel like I couldn't possibly be needed or thought about by my brothers. They all live in different states and are busy working hard to provide for their families. We are all worlds away.
Months and months ago my little heart got stomped on. As it leaked out to one brother the dominos fell and the news circulated in a matter of minutes. I was reminded of just how fantastic it is to have brothers. Each one called me. Came to my rescue. They talked me through. AND most importantly they offered to hurt the one who caused my little heart to hurt. :) They cared. A lot. I was taken back by how much support I felt.
I think I would experience what I felt with that said heart stomping again because of what I came away with. A very real understanding of how much my brothers love and care about me. They whistled immediately. We may not gab on the phone constantly. We don't live close enough to hang out all the time. BUT I know they would whistle for me and for each other immediately.
I am a lucky girl.


Sarah said...

i understand about the brothers thing. though we did sing around the piano. but you already knew that. ;) yeah, it's nice to know even though they have their own lives and don't ever really call that they do care when something goes wrong. i feel you.

and it's okay that you get mushy and such. i find that i've been doing that more lately too. i think it's from being away from said house of boys for a while. the emotions decide they can finally come out or something.

Marley Family said...

Anna your brothers are the greatest! I think they are pretty lucky to have you in there lives too!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

nothin like an older brother to hang your best friend over the stair well and make your mom cry on like holidays?? love love love it. and btw that guy was a loser and i hope hes burning in the fires of jeruselem.

Anonymous said...

Look at you go! Two posts in a day! 101...

Wow...sentimental Anna. Nice. And, surprising. You are a multi-layered onion.

When my boys were growing up and close to blows in the heat of any given moment, I would remind them that the genetic ties that bind them are closer than any other relational ties they could ever experience: Genetically closer than they are to me or their father, genetically closer than they'll be to their own children. And, of course, genetically closer than they will be to their spouses.

These ties that bind are everlasting, unbreakable, unstoppable, eternal.

Sometimes this worked, but in those volatile moments, it often didn't. But here's the thing: Those ties cannot be denied. They are strong and unbreakable. And I know that when the crap hits the fan, they will each be there for the other. To the death, right?

The ties that bind you to your brothers are probably even more impenetrable. You are their sister - to be loved and protected. Triple that because you are the youngest. I've no doubt that any one of them would follow-through on their threats to make someone who hurt you wish they'd never been born.

Just so you know, these are the parent moments that we all pray for during those seemingly everlasting conflicts through our children's youth. I hope you send this on to your parents. It's a good day for them.

Good job, Anna. I heart you :)

CharlieJo said...

Cuz, your brothers are the best :) I remember the yelling when I was visiting. but they kinda grew out of it. maybe it helps that they don't live under the same roof anymore! haha! You know you're loved!

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

Nothing will ever compare to the Smith brothers- and that is a good thing! So grateful to be married to one of them. There is nothing they would not do or no one they would not beat up for you. We will just start praying for your future husband right now...

Kristin said...

Beautiful Anna!

snittymagee said...

Ah, shucks, you do have a soul.