Monday, August 3, 2009

things that MUST go

I at one time listened to The Radio From Hell show on x96. They eventually got a little too angry and liberal for me but they could be funny.
Anyways... They use to do their lists of "things that must go" on Thursdays.

I'm feeling negative. So I will be doing my very own "things that must go" today. Or begin to. I have a feeling there will be many.

1. Old men in the short shorts. You know the kind. 2 1/2 inch inseam, I see them often in navy blue. You have a neighbor in his 70s who wears them while mowing the lawn, usually feels a shirt is optional too. A patient of mine was wearing a pair today and when he sat down I saw more of his man thigh than I was comfortable with. Why do they do it?
2. While we are on old men... I saw one walking pants less and with out undies from his garage to his house yesterday while driving home from church. Seriously. You may think its just a quick step out to the garage, I should be ok without pants or underwear....NO! No! It is not a quick enough step! I saw old wrinkly man butt right after church yesterday and it was disturbing. That must go too.
3. Temperatures over 90 degrees. When is it ever pleasant?
4. Diet Coke without caffeine. Why bother?

This is just the beginning.

Feel free to add.


Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

whenever i stumble upon x96 i think of you at aunt kays and your princess room telling me about boner of the week....that was in like 2002?? yeah that shit needs to go. anna lets play i miss you:)

dunnthat said...

I can't believe pantsless underwearless old guy wasn't first on your list. Ew and EW.
My list for eye polution that must go: short shorts at the gym. We've discussed this. Too...much...information... I did not come to the gym to see a guy's hangy parts.
On the gym theme: Little men who walk around with ILS (Imaginary Lat Syndrome). You know the guys...arms bowed as if there really is something keeping them from touching their sides.
Lip, eyebrow, tongue and nose piercings. They are stupid.
And finally, for now, people who drive below the speed limit in the passing lane. MUST GO.

Anna said...

Emily-haha The Boner of the Week! That actually is funny.(people in the news or whatever who are complete boners)
That room was a princess room. Baha!
Lori- Amen on the above. Gym man who wears boxer briefs and boxer briefs alone really DOES need to go. Can't believe I forgot him!
AND I call ILS "Suit Case Arms." They look like they are carrying really wide suit cases... And they are not. dorks.

Linda L. Smith said...

what about women who wear belly shirts and low rider pants. When they bend they have plumbers crack and belly boobs.

Sarah said...

i would add to the list:

white socks with church pants. come on we can see your socks.

guy who wore slack SHORTS to church a couple of weeks ago with his black socks and church shoes. it looked like his suitpants had been cut off at the knee, or like he was torn between church and a jungle safari. i don't care if it's hot, that looks really lame. the worst part is, i looked at his wife and she didn't even seem to mind.

guy who came to yoga class a bit ago that seemed to take the all-natural/hippy thing to heart. he was smelly and there was dirt crusted on to his feet. worst part was he asked if we were hiring. "um, no, you are gross."

The Lamoreauxs said...

I think you should amend #1. After all, short shorts don't just have to be navy blue. My fave is when they come in various neon colors. I think my dad has a pair...

AMBER said...

baahhhh I was the driver when the old man butt incident occured... i missed it. Should I be sad or glad...haha you pick!