Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Box

My friend text me this last week:

I got a blog for you. My credit card was stolen and they went to Red Box*.

Serious. Who steals a wallet, throws everything else out but the credit card and rents 11 movies from Red Box?
Why not do some damage with some online shopping? Fill your car up with gas, go out to a nice dinner, get a massage, buy season tickets to the Jazz, finally get a Kindle, and buy a couple of tickets to Tahiti? Just ideas.

11 dollars spent on her stolen credit card at the Red Box. Really? That was the best they could do??

What would YOU do with a stolen credit card? Assuming it wasn't wrong to charge up a storm with it.

* I have a few friends (Serena)... ahem... who may or may not know what Red Box is. I included a picture of a Red Box machine. You can get movies for 99 cents a night per movie. Wow. Cool huh? :)


Marley Family said...

ahem.........Let the record show that I Serena Denise Marley not only know what a red box is now,(thanks to my good and faithful friend Anna)But I freqent one weekly. I Serena know there are redboxes in Pocatello Idaho. There is one at Walmart,Walgreens,and Albertsons. Anna thank you for showing me the light. You gave me a great laugh. And just want to give a shout out to MJ.Rip!

Alisha said...

hm. well, lets see. how bout a ton of new photog equipment. bc that is what i need in my life right now.

Kristie Lynne said...

I would pay off all my debt and purchase lots of airplane tickets. Hahah.

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

id rent eleven rated r movies from red box. maby go to the dollar store and buy some peach candles and a nerds rope @generic cheese puffs. eat at chuckarama and not tip my watrece....maby buy some used vhs's from d.i. and some old computer equipment that will serve as outdoor clutter because im too lazy to bring it inside. thats whats up fool. thats what all high class people like me do.

j said...

Yeah, but when they forget to take the movies back promptly that's when the fees really start to add up. :)

Sarah said...

first of all, if you really want to watch some movies with a stolen credit card, at least BUY them for crying out loud!!! none of this RENTING movies with money that is not yours.

as for what i'd do... buy lots of clothes. while on vacation with said card. mostly all i want is more clothes.

snittymagee said...

Thank you.

Liz said...

Ha. My debit card wasn't stolen, but a few months back someone got the number somehow and made a $4.38 purchase at some gas station in Canada. Coincidentally, I had used it at an ATM in Mexico that very day. The bank called a few days later wondering how I could have been in Canada and Mexico on the same day!

Anyway, I would definitely go on a huge shopping spree. My wardrobe is in sorry shape these days.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing...I find it really hard to even imagine spending money that isn't mine. I have never been able to wrap my head around stealing. Whenever someone takes something that isn't theirs, I honestly am so puzzled by it. And I can't even imagine someone in my house who wasn't invited. Weird, huh? I'm super naive, I know :)

Now if someone were to GIVE me a million dollars, THAT'S different...I'd probably get a full-time trainer to come to my house and cook my meals and then get someone to clean my house all the time and then I'd like someone to carry me all around. Stuff like that.