Thursday, January 31, 2008


I arrived at the gym this morning just shy of 8am. I was just waiting for my trainer to finish up with his last client. I decided to look busy and walked over to the drinking fountain, but to my horror it was being blocked by..... A man wearing boxer briefs and a tank top!! Gooo-ew! Yikes!! It was a rather disturbing sight!!

I managed to sneak around him to get to the drinking fountain, although it took all I had not to vomit. Wowza! This middle aged crazy should not be able to walk around in public like that..... let alone work out amongst others and use machines that other people are using!
I asked Glenn (trainer) if he was a regular, and Glenn said oh yeah, and that the boxer briefs are usually what he wears. Sometimes when he is on the treadmill he likes to tuck his tank top up and around through the neck to make a bikini like top. Of course he does! It can get rather warm while you are jogging in your underwear!!
Needless to say, I had to be careful when working out today because you never know who is going to be on the machine next to you exposing parts of their bodies that I do NOT want to see. Yucky. I will always be disinfecting my machine before and after use. I think a formal complaint should be in line. Maybe I could get in touch with those geniuses that had problems with the indecency at Golds Gym in Provo. I hear that it is also a pretty racy gym. ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We had two Brazilian girls stay with us for the last 3 weeks. They were here for an American experience. Sweet girls, but didn't really know much English. I wondered constantly what they were thinking. I was always trying to ask them questions, but our conversations were always short. I am sure they wondered if I had any other clothes besides my lovely scrubs. I am sure they thought both my Auntie and I drive too fast. I am sure they both secretly wanted me to not sing out loud in the car, but were too polite to say so (or maybe they didn't know the words). I am sure they were disappointed to find that we don't have cable tv. I am sure they got sick of me asking if they would teach me to dance like they do in Brazil.
One had a shopping problem. She would come home with loads of bags. They were funny things too. Like 10 tubes of the same lip gloss or the "firming lotion" from Victoria's Secret. The other one had a boy friend back in Brazil. she is 17 and he is 22. I asked if he had a job. No. If he is going to school. No. What does he do? "He is what you call ... uh lasey?" lazy. I told her she needs a new boyfriend. She said her mom says the same.
When they first rode with me in the car I asked if they liked any American music. They named off Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, and a few others. I am sadly not up to date with the teeny bopper music crowd BUT I did have an old Avril CD. So we listened to that. For my birthday they got me the New Avril Lavigne album. I secretly like a few of the songs. I am feeling pretty hip.


I went to a funeral on Tuesday. I got to know this person in the last 3-4 years. There was times that I spent hours with he and his wife. During those times he could have bragged a whole lot about his life and his accomplishments. While I was listening to those that spoke at his funeral and shared his life accomplishments, I was impressed. It was even more impressive that I was just now learning about many of them. What great humility he had. He was a great example of dedication and patience. We need more people like him.
Why is it that you cant go to a funeral and not think about what your own will be like? I know I can not be the only one who does that.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Taters for Out of Staters

It's true. If you go through Idaho and you are not from that great state, you really can get a free tater.

I went up to Idaho this weekend for my moms birthday. It was a good weekend. I have a sweet momma.

I have a love/hate relationship with Idaho. I love Idaho because my parents are there and it's home. I hate Idaho because I had some Red Box movies that needed to be returned and I couldn't find a Red Box anywhere! (my friend had never heard of Red Box!!?!)
I love Idaho because it doesn't seem to ever change much. I hate Pocatello because it seems to be windy all the time. I love Idaho because I see gems like the jacked up, old bronco truck painted red that said "Red Neck" on the windshield. (as if there was a question.) :)

I am torn.

Side note. My dad hates Huckabee. The best part is he pronounces his name "Hucklebee." No matter how many times I try and correct him he can't seem to remember to say Huckabee. It made me crack up every time he said it. AND he said it a lot.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

25, twenty five, quarter of a century, 5 years from 30

I am officially 25 years old. Yep, I had a birthday on Thursday. It was actually a really good day too. I have a fabulous family and fantastic friends who made it a great day. Birthday cards, birthday presents, birthday banners, birthday phone calls, birthday flowers, birthday balloons, and birthday cake = one happy old Anna. Thanks everyone!
I am not sure why, but I am feeling exceptionally old. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when you are 25 they can no longer use one box of birthday candles. Birthday candles come in boxes of 24.
Let me not dwell on an extra box of candles. I can now rent a car with out paying an extra fee for being under the age requirement. Yahoo. (That was sarcastic. I never rent cars.)
I am including some pictures from the birthday cake at dinner. My cousin took them with the camera phone, so that explains the low quality. (I really need to start carrying my camera with me)

It looks like my chest is on fire... That's not suppose to happen till menopause right? 25 candles causes quite the blaze!

I couldn't blow out the candles on the first try... I started to laugh at myself, that is what put out the candles.

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A friend of mine...

So I have this friend. I won't use her name because she might be embarrassed. Lets just call her Anna for convenience
"Anna" wakes up on Friday morning, everything is normal. Takes a nice long shower, starts to comb her hair when suddenly she feels that she needs to blow her nose. As "Anna" reaches for a tissue a BIG drop of blood falls on the sink. To her horror she realizes that it actually fell from her nose!!! Goo! She quickly puts the tissue in place and pinches the top of her nose.
As it had been since she was 7 years of age since she had experienced a bloody nose she called her mom and then her auntie to get instructions on the proper way to take care of a bloody nose. "Anna" knew enough to not put your head back like so many assume. (you don't want the red stuff trickling down your throat!)
Auntie Kay arrived home a bit later to find "Anna" still pinching the nose, with tissue strategically placed under the right nostril to catch the flowing blood. "Anna" needed to be at work so Kay suggested she pack her nose for her. The packing of the nose consisted of Kay using a q-tip to shove gauze up the nostril. The gauze was packed in tight just about touching the brain. "Anna" told me that it was a most uncomfortable process. The beauty of it was that looking face on you could not notice the 4 foot long piece of gauze in her right nostril. Though the nostril looked a bit larger it was a necessary sacrifice. "Anna" has always been such a dedicated worker and nothing could keep her from her job.
So "Anna" arrives to work and tries to carry on as usual. She has a mid morning snack of toast and raspberry jam. With the morning's excitement she forgotten to eat breakfast.
While working suddenly she looked down and saw a red drop on her hand. She let out a nervous shriek and ran to the bathroom. She frantically inspected the nose to find that the gauze is still in its place and no blood seemed to have snuck out. As she looked back at her hand she realized that it was not blood on her hand but raspberry jam. She had dropped a bit on her shirt and later brushed her hand on it. Thank goodness!!! "Anna" decided it would be a good time to release her nose from the pressure. She pulled what seemed to be 4 miles of gauze from her nose to find that the bleeding had stopped. Whoop, Whoop!! She had conquered a bloody nose!!
I know, I know, gross, that girl had a bloody nose. BUT she did assure me that she is positive the cause of the bleeding was caused by the dryness in the air and her lack of hydrating herself. No need to speculate.
So "Anna" you are a survivor. Good work. No need to be embarrassed. Except for the whole spilling jam on yourself. Sheesh, you klutz.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I don't know if any one actually values my opinion on such things as movies or books but I thought I would share my reviews on what I have seen and read in the last month and half.

"Enchanted" Cute Disney film. Darling might be a good word to use. The men in your life might not appreciate it,(they break out in song) but it is kind of fun.

"August Rush" Slow chic flick. A lot of character building. Hopeful, talented kid, girl from that old show Felicity and a hot guy with Irish(maybe its Scottish) accent make for a pretty good flick.

"I am Legend" I think it is best to go to this movie with out any knowledge of what it is about. Intense. Makes you jump. My parents who are getting old walked out though because it was a little too scary for my sweet momma. (That made me giggle because I didn't think it was THAT scary?!)

"National Treasure" A little long but all around it is as good as the first one. Nicolas Cage is still not a great actor and his hair is really bad.

"Juno" Completely unexpected. It has a quite a few parts that are a bit crude. I thought it was an honest film. The main girl is a fabulous actress. I liked it and yes, it really made me laugh. Not sure if I will see it again because it was a bit too cross for me.

"P.S. I Love You" OK, I loved this movie. Call me a silly girl if you must, but I loved it. I fell in love with Jerry the main guy in the first 3 minutes. Warning: may cause girls to weep.

As far as books go...

"The Secret Life of Bees", "The Kite Runner", "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and "Man's Search for Meaning"
I have LOVED every single one. I mean LOVED them all!
I lost my desire to continue typing so I wont give details on them, but I mean I loved them in great amounts. I am still reading "Man's Search for Meaning" and it continues to intrigue and teach me.

Any suggestions for movies or books for me?

Better than the Omish make...

My mom made me a quilt for Christmas and it is by far the best Christmas gift I received.

This pic was taken with my crappy camera on my phone. You get the gist though. This quilt is good for napping. So good you are too lazy to get up and get your camera to take a real picture.
Thanks momma. You are the greatest.