Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did the heart grow fonder

with my three month absence?

I have a good excuse. See list below.

Graduate from Nursing school. check.
Become ornery and burnt out with wedding plans. check. check.
Interview for a nursing job via phone on my way to the temple to get married. check. (for real)
Get married to a freakin fantastic guy. CHECK!
Move into the freakin fantastic guy's house. check.
Have a dreamy honeymoon in Dominican Republic. check!
Lose all dignity and vomit my brains out and have diarrhea day 3 of dreamy honeymoon. check. check.
Get a happy email from nurse manager offering me a job. check!!
Eat yummy Ethiopian food in NYC on our way home from D.R. check.
Come home and start real life. check.
Broken fridge. check.
Leaky pipe in wall, plumber visit of 5 hours. check. check.
Not saying goodbye to freakin fantastic guy every night who takes care of broken fridges and plumbers. check!!

Live happily with a near perfect man who loves me. EVEN after seeing my face covered in vomit.
check. CHECK!

I am a happy girl.