Monday, September 14, 2009

too late to apologize

I feel ashamed. A while ago I saw a woman wearing bright red lipstick, told her that she was rocking it and that it looked great....THEN noticed she had it on her teeth.... and didn't tell her. Totally could have. Just didn't. This woman was not a stranger, she was an acquaintance. I let her smile beam a little brighter and widen and inch or two with the compliment and then sent her off to smile big for all the world to see her red toothed grin.

I am sorry. I hesitated. Next time, I will tactfully do my duty as a fellow woman and inform you of the mishap.

To all of you: If I am EVER wearing red lipstick anywhere besides my lips... tell me. Do NOT hesitate. ok?


eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

oh your brave! does this person read your blog? please always tell me if i look like crap anna i will appreciate your honesty. red lipstick....eewwwwwwwwwww

Anna said...

No she far as I know. It was a long while ago anyway.
I usually DO tell if something like this happens... but I froze. Dont know why. I just did.
I will always tell you but with you I wont be nice because you are a F.A.G.:)

Kristie Lynne said...

Haha this happened me today. My therapist had pink lipstick on her teeth and I could not bring myself to tell her. Eventually it came off as she was talking. Thank goodness. I didn't want to stare at that for a full hour. Haha.

Hannah LaRue said...

anna i would enjoy laughing at you if you had red lipstick on your teeth. love you. lets get together over UEA that is my next break.

Marley Family said...

Maybe you didn't feel comfortable enough to tell her that she had flaming red lipstick on her teeth. Maybe this will be a lesson to the woman wearing the lipstick that no one looks good in bright red lipstick. And if anyone disagrees they are fooling themselves.

Moose Tracks said...

ha ha! Hilarious! We have all been in this situation. It is so awkward sometimes it is hard to know what to do. Don't feel bad...but you can tell me! ;o)

dunnthat said...

Though this story is fabulous, I want to read the OTHER story you told me Sunday. Just sayin'.

I'm trying to figure out where else you'd be wearing red lipstick. There's the lips, the teeth, and ... ?? Hmmm.

Your picture didn't show up here. I need to see it! What? What? I bet it was AWESOME.

Sarah said...

man. i always struggle with stuff like this. why?! we all appreciate it when someone stops us from looking lame. haven't we all had days when we get home and our fly is undone, or we have a leaf of lettuce in between our front teeth and we know we have been walking around like that for hours? and yet, we hesitate.

Anna said...

Rena... I agree there is only a choice few people who can actually pull off bright red lipstick. A rare, rare find.
Sarah- I usually CAN tell someone. But for some sick reason I didnt. Maybe I secretly wanted other people to see. I dont know, maybe Im sick that way.

Dunnthat- consider it done. Posting now. Actually had it written already. (Im on a class break.)
Can you see the pic now?! It is just a lipsticked mouth. Nothing too exciting.
AND as far as where the lipstick would be- teeth. But what if I blew my nose and some creeped up and got on my nose? Tragic.

dunnthat said...

Wanna hear something weird? I still can't see the picture on my laptop, but I did see it on my phone at the dentist today. Huh. (The being at the dentist is not the interesting part of my comment. Just so you know. But guess what?? No cavities! But, I may have to have a tooth implant (possible cracked root). Sheesh. I USED to be implant-free. I kind of hate the dentist. Bad news indeed.)