Monday, May 11, 2009


I am sure that I am not the only one who just has those days when you long for your momma. Typically those days are when the world seems like it might end or if you have been puking your guts out and you need some one to hold your hand. Lately my world hasn't seemed horrible and really I am a healthy and happy girl, but I was longing for my momma.

She said she needed a break. She has been caring for my dad's mother. So I talked her into driving down to see her ONLY daughter.

We went to Kneaders for breakfast and she said "I couldn't ask for something more delicious!" She had raspberry bread pudding and I ate divine french toast.

Kneaders Breakfast mmmm. Isn't she cute?

We went and got our toes done, saw Amy and her baby, met Auntie for lunch, shoe shopped and went to the book store. We hung out.

me and darling baby Alice Lynn

My mom has not read my blog. Said that she wanted to, and expressed interest in having one of her own. I giggled. My mom has been an avid reader since I can remember. The woman has several books going all the time. I remember waiting to go to the store. I would whine, and she would say, "just let me finish this book." There would be 25 pages but she would finish in just a few minutes. I remember Louis L'Amour books. Lots of them. She likes mysteries too. My mom will read the last few pages if it gets too intense and then take a reliever breath and finish the book. That drives me nuts, but I think it makes her sweet. She doesn't want to spend the rest of the book worrying.

We went to the library a lot. The Portneuf Library. We road our bikes there or we would drive. I remember the smell. Once I had picked up a few things, (usually something ridiculous- like a book from the Sleep Over Friends series) I would sit in one of the hideous vinyl yellow or green lazy boy looking chairs that spun around and would secretly read 17 or Teen magazine. Sometimes I would flip through Ladies Home Journal and imagine myself as a grown up. Mostly I would just look at Teen and turn the chair in circles waiting for mom. She was lost in the paper backs.

What I did not know this whole time is that my mom likes to write. I had no idea. She said that she is a published writer. She wrote a few things for the college paper or magazine. Did some things for a spanish newspaper after her mission. She writes poems too. I had no idea.

I was so disappointed that I did not know this. I asked her how I could have missed this. She said that can happen when you are a full time school teacher, wife to a husband and have a house full of kids.
I do remember her helping me a little with writing one of my young author stories in the 4th grade. It was titled "Brother Free Gum." Magical chewing gum that made annoying brothers disappear. Ha. It won first prize.

I love that now I am old enough to appreciate her. To be friends with her.

lunch with Auntie, Mom and me


CharlieJo said...

LOVE it!! Your mom is the best. AND I do the same thing when reading my books when it gets too intense, I'll read the last couple pages. hehehe. drives Jared nuts :)

Marley Family said...

I remember your mama in the big orange chair reading her western books!!!! I love your mom. She is such a wonderful person. I'm so glad to know her and call her my second mom.

dunnthat said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom! I'm sure I'd like her :) I'm guessing your brothers don't write such tributes. Just a guess. Sigh.

I was a voracious reader when I was young. The "Bookmobile" used to park right by my house once a week. SLAMMIN'! I used to read Beverly Cleary and lots of books about what we used to call Indians (so politically incorrect now...lame). I thought the white man was SO UNFAIR to the Indians. I wanted to BE an Indian. I used to walk heel-toe heel-toe...trying to be quiet.

Imagine my delight when I found out I'm 1/16th Cherokee. Oh yes I am. Can't you tell by my coloring?? :)

Great post. I hope your mom reads it.

Sarah said...

i liked reading this. it is sad that we don't really appreciate our moms enough until we get older, but i'm just glad that we wise up! thanks for sharing.

Brianne said...

Aw your mama's so cute. and p.s., Kneaders serves breakfast? I need to get on that!

Amelia said...

Love you Lynn - thank you for coming over with your mom to visit me and Alice!! We loved having you over!! MWOAH

ps your mom looks SO GOOD!