Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mind the Gap

Remember these ladies? We were all together two weekends ago. Had a sleepover. (pillow fights and braided each others hair). Went to General Relief Society Conference together. I love that Barbara Thompson sister. Gave a wonderful talk... "Mind the Gap" Here's the gist...

Several years ago I visited some dear friends in London, England. During this visit I traveled on the tube—a subway system of underground trains that people use frequently to get from place to place. In each of these busy subway stations, there are warning signs about dangers that people may encounter. Lights flash on and off to notify people that a train is approaching and they need to stand back. There is also a sign to remind people that there is danger—a gap between the train and the station platform. The sign says, “Mind the Gap.” This reminds people not to let their foot get caught in the gap and not to drop anything in the gap because it will go under the train and be lost. The caution sign is needed and warns people of a very real danger. In order to be safe, people must “mind the gap.”
Many of us have gaps in our own lives. Sometimes it is the difference between what we know and what we actually do or the gap between our goals and what we actually accomplish. These gaps can be reminders
of ways in which we can improve or, if ignored, can be stumbling blocks in our lives.

Read the talk. It is a good one.

I did a study abroad in London years ago. This talk got me thinking about my own experience on the tube. Shout out to Miss Hannah. Good times.

This little Idaho girl loved feeling like a city girl. What is more "city girl" than riding an underground train everyday?

We were there one of the hottest European summers of history. The tube wasn't air conditioned. I think that they perhaps should consider changing that (if they haven't already) OR maybe install showers were people can rinse off before boarding. Extreme heat+tube+lots of people who don't value daily showers=wretched smell.

Street performers. So fun. Usually really good and often creepy.

Vending machines right on the tracks... Filled with Cadbury specialties. Heaven. Americans can't touch their chocolate over there. They just do it better.

People watching. LOVED it. Such a melting pot.

Sometimes it was tricky to hold on when the tube was in motion. Wish I would have learned this trick:

Hands free. Tubular.


j said...

Umm...thanks for the photographic tip. Now I've got to get my MIND out of that GAP. :)

The Lamoreauxs said...

Just FYI, they HAVEN'T discovered the value of A/C in the tube yet...but I did learn how to fight for a seat by a cracked window. It's valuable to be able to turn your head to the slightly fresher air of the subway station.

Hannah LaRue said...

i totally thought about you during that talk too. where in heavens name did you find that creepy picture. for real lets do something soon. i ahve a break 14-16. how does that sound?

Brianne said...

Ha! Wish I had buns of steel to anchor myself on a fast moving train. and I loved the Mind The Gap talk too, she's the cutest!

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

She obviously practices at night times *wink*.. By the way love your dress in the pic.

Sarah said...

i will not write what i first thought of chicka in high heels and tight pants leaning oh so comfortably on a pole... i think you see where this is going. shame on me for being judgemental. mind that gap sarah!

Natalie said...

I was really hoping for some sort of cuss word to be included in this post. You know, because that is what we do. ;)

However, you must have realized it might be inappropriate to use cuss words in a post about General Woman's Conference. Wise choice, my friend.

Mind the Gap! Ah, when I was 18 I traveled to London and found particular joy in that phrase. However, nothing beat the sign on the garbage that read "general rubbish". And yes, I did take a picture to remind myself how much I loved it.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

dude that is sick...i wish i had bum muscles.
now take that stupid picture off, i look like a burnt turd and i hate it

Kristin said...

Where in the world do you find these pics Miss ANna??
I think I need to go do some squats!
Love the HHS reunion.
You all are HOT!

Anonymous said...

There is so much content here...I'm torn as to what to comment about! Goodness. 1. Your tube picture causes me to rethink hanging on with my hands...ew. 2. Also thinking of a movie I saw as a kid: "The Blob." Scared the crud out of me then, but now would probably make me laugh with its awkward and unsophisticated effects. Anyway, story is about a, well, blob, that rolls over stuff and just eats it and gets bigger and bigger. It started out as a small substance from outerspace, but hooked onto some guys hand and ate his hand, then his body, blah blah blah. Anyway, it became this big entity that just rolled through large groups of people and gobbled them up - like a movie theater if I remember correctly.

Well. That's also what I thought about when I saw that picture. If my behind were to try to grip ANYTHING, it would look very much like The Blob.

Just sayin'.

Larissa said...

AAAH! Buns of steel, baby!