Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter eve

My mom rocks. Sent me an Easter package with things like beef jerky, homemade jam and cadbury mini eggs.

I had jerky for dinner tonight. Thanks mom, love you. :)

Been to 7-11 far too many times in the last week than I care to admit. I feel like when I show up there I look like one of the "people of Wal-mart." Baggy sweats and un-showered. I almost ask for a pack of marborlos just because everyone else does, but stick to my big gulp instead.

I had Lucky Charms cereal a few days ago. I think it has too many marshmallows.It use to be my favorite. I feel old. Next thing I know I will be saying that the music at Forever 21 is way too loud. Oh wait, I do say that.

Oh by the way, on May 7th I will be one step closer to sanity.