Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it because I am lazy?

My iPod is not functioning. It doesn't bring music to my ears. I need it. How did I function with out it for so long? Remember when I first purchased it?
I haven't worked out since it decided to punish me with its silence.
Fix it.


CharlieJo said...

oh no!! I love my music, wish I had an iPod ;) hope you get music to your ears soon. love ya cuz ;)

Sarah said...

i understand. i know of a time or two when i wouldn't workout because i forgot to bring my i-pod. (maybe more....)

so sad your i-pod is broken. maybe your old pal Mr. D can lend you his i-pod touch. i'm sure he's got some rockin' tunes on there to help you get through a workout.

j said...

Hey there, it's Jake Tripp. Been reading your blog on the hush since you mentioned it the other night, but see a situation where I might offer some assistance, so I'm shedding my veil of secrecy and breaking my oath of blog comment silence.

What's not working? What kind of ipod do you have? Have you been to Apple's website to troubleshoot your problem? I've had a variety of ipods and been through a few bumps with them from time to time.

Marley Family said...

We got our ipod for free 3 years ago. If we opened an account with key bank then we got a free ipod. Funny huh. We closed out account after 6 months. Nothings better then listening to music from my free ipod.

Tamara Jacobs said...

oh man I can't run without an ipod! gotta have those tunes to keep me going:)
Thanks for your comment on our blog. Todd misses all of you from the lab and I miss coming in and seeing you all too. Thanks for keeping us updated with Jonah Gomez. I know Todd wants to get a hold of Jessie. They are such a sweet family. love your blog. I'm so glad we are still able to keep in touch:)