Thursday, October 22, 2009

white hair

Here is a picture of some of my friends from the mission. Some are young and some are not as young. Note the good looking people with white hair. Sheesh, I love them. Sometimes I feel like I can relate to the seasoned age group easier than my own generation.

What I am getting at is... I think I will make a great old lady one day.
Here's why:

I love a nice cup of herbal tea. Blueberry is the flavor of choice these days AND tea tastes good when you are reading a good book.

I love to tousle young peoples hair, pinch kids cheeks and kiss babies.

I love me an occasional Werthers original toffee candy.

I think pants with elastic waists are comfortable and practical.

I love cats. I have 4 right now and they are the loves of my life. *

I pay to lighten my hair. One day it will just be white.... or gray... for free.

I sometimes say inappropriate things and I long for the days that people will just ignore it and chalk it up to me being senile and old. Old people can get away with saying ANYTHING.

*Complete lie. I don't have a cat or cats. Do not wish to ever own one. Just thought it sounded good because old ladies have cats. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ah...a post from Anna. So happy... Yesterday at the gym I was talking with my workout buddy in the locker room and we were both leaning into the mirror and whining about the gray in our hair. Thank GOODNESS it was color day for me...I digress. So this went on for several sentences, and then this woman came out of a bank of lockers. You guessed it...completely gray. I looked at her and kind of laughed and did that sort of half wave, and she didn't smile or anything. Embarrassing. But she's grumpy. So there.

Love this post. Your examples of what makes a lady old are fantastic. SO glad you don't have cats. That would seriously affect our relationship.

Hannah LaRue said...

seriously anna i love you! you are one of my top funniest friends...if i had a myspace account you would be on my top friends list.

Anonymous said...

PS This picture of you is smokin' hot. Nice. Who is the girl to your right (my far left)? She looks familiar - like I should know her. all my friends think your blog is better than mine. Sigh.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

Yeah you have cats...liar. bananna you get the blunt thing from mike...its great. i like it. and elastic pants are horrible...went to the cake place last night. i have a word in my head that i want to starts with an A and ends with a n....wont say it tho anna.

Linda said...

Sweetheart, I'm so glad you like old ladies. But I don't think I'll ever let my hair grow gray. Unfortunately I do love cats but would only have one if my spouse passed away and I was alone with no one to cuddle with.

Anna said...

dunnthat- thanks for the compliment. The girl right next to me on my right is my roommate Amber. AND your friends do NOT like my blog better. NOT possible!
Emily-I do NOT have cats. You know that. AND don't be going to my cake place without me. Thats wrong.
Mom-YOU are my favorite old lady. ;) love you!!
Hannah- HONORED to be in your top friends! ;)haha

Sarah said...

you will make a fantastic old person. it's good you're getting in some practice now. i didn't know werther's were old people candy. count me in on that one then.

and hey! there's nothing wrong with having a cat. i said i never would, and now. ah well... i'm just saying, never say never.

Larissa said...

teeheehee - let's just hope your digestive system holds up;-) If not, I hear your dad has a year's supply of TP? :-)

Kristin said...

Annas how do you come up with these random posts??
I love them.
You make my heart happy.,
And I think one day you will make one helluva granny.
Hope we are still hangin at night clubs then.

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

What you lighten your hair????????? I am shocked, completely shocked. What else haven't you shared? (okay so maybe I did see one picture of you right after your mission with suspiciously brown hair, but wasn't that just because you were so far from the sun?)

Stubbs said...

So I have missed you. I love your humor, you're so witty and you crack me up. I totally didnt even recognize Rach with her long hair. HOw the heck is she? Who's kid is in the background. There is a code for letters I learned it while I worked at SkyWest. Look it up. Example...Sierra Alpha Romeo Alpha Romeo Oscar Charlie Kilo Sierra. My Fav is Whisky for W. :) I want to know where you got that pic on the subway cause that's actually me with those long legs and tight tush. Ya. So how is nursing school? I'm jealous. I wish I had found something I loved when I was single. I'm still going to go to school It's just a whole lot harder with all my monkeys. Love em. And, you mentioned hot boyfriend. YOurs? What? Glad you're not the crazy cat lady btw.

AMBER said...

I love those not so young people! i was confused about the cats comment...i was, i have lived with this chick for over a year...never seen a cat. haha glad u do not have cats! if you did i would not be there.