Friday, November 12, 2010

5 months

Over a month ago I had a dream. It started out to be a great one. It was a Ferris Bueller's day off with one of my bffs Serena.
It turned bad. The toilet was full of swimming triceratops that were out to bite. Then small children started to climb out of the toilet. They were followed by the Dalai Lama. Naturally.

I woke up in the middle of the night disturbed and confused. I was a little freaked out to be honest. AND I also had to tinkle. For a good ten minutes I tried to talk myself into walking down the dark hall to the bathroom. I couldn't get the triceratops, children and the Dalai Lama out of my mind.
So I nudged my husband, warned him that this was going to sound crazy, and then asked him to walk me to the bathroom.

He did. (Turns out there were no left over triceratops, children or Dalai Lama)

I am a grown woman. What? I have been walking myself to the bathroom for years.


it is kind of nice that I have a dark hall escort.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dave and I have an unhealthy addiction to Modern Family. We discovered it this summer on Hulu. We spent many a minutes watching whatever episodes we could find online. We purchased Season 1 as soon as it was out and stayed up late watching it.

We love it. I think we have a crush on it. We both find ourselves bringing it up in casual conversation. Kind of like when you have a crush on someone and so you bring them up in conversation just to hear their name.

I don't even care that the show is kind of trendy right now. It brings me joy every Wednesday night. Chances are we have already tried converting you to watching it too.

I tried finding a video clip to give a taste, but couldn't find one to do it justice.

Just watch a little on hulu.

ps- Horror. I just read on another blog that they.... didn't like Modern Family. It saddened me.
This picture really doesn't have anything to do with the post. I just like it.
(Dave and my nephew Sammy. )

Me, my sisters in-law and my momma went to Vegas. Just the girls. Well, just the girls plus baby Sammy and baby Cole.

We did what most people do in Vegas. Ate yummy food, went shopping and stayed up late into the night beading jewelry. My mom brought a trunk full of beads and we created.

I must confess that I am somewhat of a disappointment to my mother. All my sister in-laws are much better at beading jewelry than I am. I was much more interested in stuffing my face and chit chatting. It is a good thing my brothers married wonderful ladies. :) She needs to pass on her talent.

Thanks for the good times ladies!

ps- My only regret is that Carolyn and I shared the PB Euphoria at Max Brenner chocolate instead of getting our own.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

meals on wheels

Long day in spent in government buildings. (traffic school and dmv)
So naturally I needed something special to reward myself.
Pulled into In-N-Out to get a burger.
I felt a little sheepish when the drive-thru girl asked, "are you planning on eating in the car?" um... what she should have said is, "are you one of the fatties that can't wait to get home to eat your hamburger?"
I of course told her I would be one of the fatties.
Turns out they aren't just taking a poll of all of the slobs that come through. They gave me a "lap mat."

Lovely. I can set fries on my lap and not get messy.

I'm gross.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colder please.

Dear Refrigerator Gods,

I was fine with our refrigerator breaking the day we got married. Really, I was. It meant I didn't have to clean it after all the usage by the single men (one especially messy one).
It was fun to pick out a new one with the husband. Cute. Our first big purchase.

I have loved the new fridge. All nice and new. Making ice and giving me filtered water. Keeping food cold and the freezer was a champ! Things that needed to be frozen were.

Then after a weekend away and a brutal night shift, when I came home to a smelly warm refrigerator and the damaged wood floors-- I just sighed and chuckled. Oh, such is life. I didn't even vomit when I cleaned it all out.

Today, however, I am annoyed. It can be fixed. But not until next Tuesday. Boo on that. I want my fridge to work. I want cold food. I want to eat something besides peanut butter toast.

Fix it. And I mean before Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

smells like teen spirit

Guarantee that if you were to blindfold yourself and put ear plugs in that you would know if you were in a room with high school girls.... They smell like body spray and gum.

Really they do. They smell like they swim in body spray and then dry off with pieces of gum.

When I was in high school. Victoria Secret pear spray was all the rage. In fact I remember my sister in-law encouraging me to wear it on my very first date.

I don't even know what the rage is now.

What was your high school scents of choice?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hi blog world,

I prayed Saturday night before going to bed that my shift for work would be cancelled. I ended up working 16 1/2 hours instead... I think my prayer was intercepted.

Dreamt last night that I was still in high school. Threw a party, and it was lame. Woke up feeling insecure.

Now all I want is a hot fudge sundae.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Made me happy

Shoe shopping last week. Had to get something for my poor feet to survive these 12 hour shifts. No way will I be purchasing crocs. I refuse to ever wear those hideous things.
I was trying on some good old reliable Danskos. The very nice shoe salesman measured my feet and then said something that would make any size 9 girl beam inside. "Your feet are petite." I wanted to kiss him. (Like the way you would kiss your grandpa.)

I have petite feet! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010


So, I was just experimenting with making collages on picasa and decided that I needed to share some more pics of some adorable of lil children who also share a bit of dna with me.

cute huh?

Friday, September 3, 2010


I got a pretty sweet graduation gift from Dave. A pretty little rode bike and some spandex to wear while we ride.

Only been on a handful of rides, and I have to say that I have taken to wearing spandex. It is actually quite lovely. Especially the extra padding in the bum area. Not too shabby.

Love riding with Dave too. Eventually I need some gals to ride with, but I pretty much love riding with him. He lets me ride behind him so he takes most of the wind and most of all he tells me good job and gets excited for me when I make it to the top of a hill.

Did my first canyon Wednesday. We did not plan on going to the top when we started but I couldn't NOT finish it. My legs were on fire and I may or may of not have shed a few tears at the top. BUT it felt amazing!

(me at the top of emigration)

Got home and made this drink to celebrate. SO yummy!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy sabbath

Woke up early Sunday morning to prepare a talk.
30 minutes later remembered that we had plumbing problems the night before. No toilet today.
Tried to hold it for awhile. Maybe I can hold it till church at one? Not a freakin chance.
Hopped in the car, told husband I didn't know where I was going for sure, just had to take care of business.
Pulled into the Holiday Gas station. Ran in, relieved to see a bathroom. Disappointed that I had to ask for a key.
After taking care of "business" I was washing my hands and got startled by the image in the mirror. Greasy pony tail, crooked glasses and oh yeah, my shirt was inside out. Probably had eye buggers and I hadn't brushed my teeth either.
Came out feeling better. I bought some gum because I felt awkward.
Yep. Broke the Sabbath. Ox was in the mire. Don't judge.

PS- We have working plumbing now. Please feel free to stop at our place if you ever have a similar problem. No need to buy gum or feel awkward.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

deep thoughts, sort of

The following things have gone through my mind today:

I hate it when I see a spider and I am naked. In the last week I have had 2 naked run ins with spiders while I am getting out of the shower. Being without clothes makes me feel vulnerable to the spider. Freaks me out. When I have clothes on I am a lot braver in the killing of the spider process.

My brother in-law is in the MTC. Thinking about him. Excited for him. Thinking about my own mission and missing how wonderful it feels to be a missionary. On that same note, happy to not be wearing pantyhose or knee highs.

My two new nephews that I need to cuddle.

My up coming dates with the sunshine and water. Happy!

Cooking. I think about cooking or food all of the time! It means more when you have a grateful husband to feed. (if you have a recipe site you care to it.)

I talk too much. Haven't thought certain statements through. Foot in mouth.

I need to change my name officially. I have an identity crisis every time someone asks for my name.

I haven't had a snow cone all summer. Tragedy.

And those things are all my mind has had to offer today.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I got a quite a response on displaying hideous pictures of myself. So glad they were enjoyed. Completely worth it.

Now you guys can all go back to thinking I look normal and not like a troll.

If you need help, you can go to Rachel Thurston's blog and have a peek at our wedding pics. She is amazing. I love her. We love her. You should love her. You will love her. She has to be a genius. I mean, let us be honest. You saw the previous post. She is magic.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a taste of the dominican

As promised... a few pictures from the Dominican. ooo la la!

You will want to click on it so you can see it close up. Promise.

Pretty, pretty. Sigh. Dave didn't know he had landed such a babe! Seriously, I think I was possessed. Or a camera malfunction? The water reflection? Mosquito bite gone bad?

Or maybe...

Or maybe I just look like that a lot.

Sorry Dave. Deal has been made. Sign, sealed delivered. I am yours.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did the heart grow fonder

with my three month absence?

I have a good excuse. See list below.

Graduate from Nursing school. check.
Become ornery and burnt out with wedding plans. check. check.
Interview for a nursing job via phone on my way to the temple to get married. check. (for real)
Get married to a freakin fantastic guy. CHECK!
Move into the freakin fantastic guy's house. check.
Have a dreamy honeymoon in Dominican Republic. check!
Lose all dignity and vomit my brains out and have diarrhea day 3 of dreamy honeymoon. check. check.
Get a happy email from nurse manager offering me a job. check!!
Eat yummy Ethiopian food in NYC on our way home from D.R. check.
Come home and start real life. check.
Broken fridge. check.
Leaky pipe in wall, plumber visit of 5 hours. check. check.
Not saying goodbye to freakin fantastic guy every night who takes care of broken fridges and plumbers. check!!

Live happily with a near perfect man who loves me. EVEN after seeing my face covered in vomit.
check. CHECK!

I am a happy girl.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter eve

My mom rocks. Sent me an Easter package with things like beef jerky, homemade jam and cadbury mini eggs.

I had jerky for dinner tonight. Thanks mom, love you. :)

Been to 7-11 far too many times in the last week than I care to admit. I feel like when I show up there I look like one of the "people of Wal-mart." Baggy sweats and un-showered. I almost ask for a pack of marborlos just because everyone else does, but stick to my big gulp instead.

I had Lucky Charms cereal a few days ago. I think it has too many marshmallows.It use to be my favorite. I feel old. Next thing I know I will be saying that the music at Forever 21 is way too loud. Oh wait, I do say that.

Oh by the way, on May 7th I will be one step closer to sanity.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Are you confident naked?
For a very long time I have almost been a naked-phobic.*
I am one who would even dodge the mirror as I got into the shower. Many of you may be feeling nervous for my husband to-be and our impending marriage, because apparently nakedness is involved in such a union. **
Speaking of our engagement, we took our engagement photos... I will be sure to share once they have available.
Call me shallow or vain, but I had desires for my skin to look sun kissed for the photos. Is that so wrong? I don't care who you are, don't you feel a little prettier and maybe even thinner when you are tan?
Instead of spending time in the tanning bed or jumping into a box and having a machine spray me, I opted to be airbrushed.
Um... Did you know that people do this naked?!?! As in stark naked. NUDE. I asked the lady technician for a towel, so I could perhaps break up the nudity. She said ok... But when it came down to it she said I needed to be positioned like this:

(Arms out legs spread-this was the only pic that showcased the stance. Sorry about the nudity)
After a little hesitation I dropped my towel and with my head held high I stood there, and she sprayed my every inch. My head was held high mostly because I was too embarrassed to look at her. (It was like a little kid playing peek-a-boo. They think you can't see them if they are covering their own eyes.)

Well, she saw me. Saw all of me, and I was indeed the most naked I have ever been.

It wasn't as traumatic is I expected. But, for the record I wasn't comfortable.
Really the most traumatic part was what I smelled like afterwards. (chemical....ek)

I was feeling pretty pleased about my decision and results... until my friend said, "you got sprayed naked??!? Anna, PORN STARS do that!"
So, maybe me and the late Anna Nicole Smith do have something in common besides our names after all....

fake skin color.

*being spray tanned and being in nursing school are good remedies for anyone else who may be a bit naked-phobic
**For the record, I am not worried.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


There has been a lot of talk about my mode of transportation in the last little while. It is a pretty impressive machine. Not many have heard of a Chrysler lasting more than 200 THOUSAND miles.
The longevity of this magical thing has not come easy. I have AAA and without fail I have used the allotted tows each year. My mechanic , whom I love (did I just use "whom" in the right context??) knows me by name. AND he and I are both impressed that he hasn't had to do anything major since I ran her off the road January 2009.
For a while I tried to talk my dad into helping me get a different car. No way. His words exactly: "I made my bed and I am going to sleep in it!" Translation: We put a lot of work into it and I am not going to throw that away.
So, I have had to grow to love this car. Or at least appreciate it. No car payment has been most lovely.
The following are a few things that I love about this vehicle, or at least things that I believe give it some charm.
The paint is chipping off. Not the most attractive thing, but I have the strongest urges to pick it off. Kind of like when you get a sunburn. Who doesn't feel some sort of satisfaction when you peel off a big piece of your skin? (gross, but agree with me)
It has a squeak. I go to my trusty mechanic every 6 weeks or so and he sprays the under carriage to make it go away. BUT I have heard from a few friends that they LOVE to hear the squeak. They say it is charming...
It sounds like a Jetson mobile, or so I have been told. It has a gentle "whirring" much like the sound of the Jetson's futuristic mobiles. I know, you are jealous.
When coming off the freeway, or taking it down from a very high speed to a much slower speed it has a shake. It gives my arms a massage, and reminds me that I should work on getting those arms in shape.
Who else has a car that does ALL that?

To my Chrysler: Here's to many more months of driving bliss! Cheers!! (please, for the love, do not die!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Me and this guy here, have news. Most of you have probably heard.... If not, go here and find out. Or go here even if you do know. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have an ENORMOUS amount to blog about AND in due time I will be sure to share...

BUT for now, let us just have a good laugh at this picture:

Look at that genuinely happy grin I have on my face! This was taken at the frame home in Palmyra. I was giving a tour. Can you believe I was that happy? Even though I had a few extra pounds, bad hair, a very shiny forehead and that dress!!! That was one I would wear when I wanted to look cute! If you could pan down, you would see orthopedic shoes to complete the look.

I really was that happy. Happiest time and happiest version of me I can remember.

Guess what? I am even more happy now. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

source of happiness

Today this 38 second wonder is the only thing that has made me laugh. I made my study group watch this right before we went to take an exam.


Oddly, a room of nursing students finds someone inflicting pain on themselves very humorous...

And even though I have seen this thing for months it doesn't get old.

I am a sick person.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Remember how my words tend to never cease? (see post below)

Apparently even when I am sleeping I want to be heard.

My roommate claims that I was humming in my sleep. I woke her up with my humming. Not sure the tune, but humming I did.

Not quite sure if I believe it...

OK, maybe I do believe it.

Do breathe right strips help with that?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In upstate NY there lives a family*. A very nice, sweet, and wonderful family. The kind of family that probably doesn't own a TV, only eats organic foods, and instead of putting them in timeout for wrong doings, they take away their speaking privileges. No lie. I remember being there for a dinner appointment and asking one of the children a question, to which they did not respond. Mother explained the child's speaking privileges were revoked AND had been since morning and would be for the rest of the day. I had never heard of this. Me not being a mother and not being familiar to all discipline methods(I was a perfect child and teenager), I thought perhaps this to be normal.... Haven't heard of this punishment since.

Hadn't thought of it much really either. Until this last Sunday. We were in Sunday school and we read a scripture about God's words never ceasing. My friend leaned over and said, "neither do Anna's." haha I giggled. I giggled because I know it is not far from the truth. Well, I like to talk. Later I teased I wouldn't speak for the rest of the night. 30 seconds later I said something.

I think I would have exploded if I were punished in the same way the children in the NY family were. Gone crazy. Rammed myself into walls, chewed my nails, and probably would have developed some kind of tick...

I would much rather get a swat on the hiney.

But that is just me.

*This family really was lovely. Children were healthy and loved and probably more normal than I can expect any of my own offspring to be.