Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ridiculous is a fun word to say, at least I like saying it.
My dad, for the life of him can NOT pronounce this word correctly. It is a word he often uses. He prefers to say it re-dic-less. Baha! It makes me laugh when he says it.
You want to know what I think is re-dic-less?

Me driving, losing control and sliding off the icy road and slamming into a pretty iron fence in the front of a little mansion. Me leaving a note with my info and then my car not starting. boo. This happening all before 7am and making me very late for my clinical.

A heavy set 77 year old man wearing a hot pink polo shirt with the collar popped and oakley glasses. He then trying to talk to me while using words like dude, and slipping in a few cuss words. He WAS re-dic-less.

The Bachelor. I watched it last night, and these women make me embarrassed for my gender. With that said... I might need to watch it again next week. Just so I can laugh at them...

Things not so re-dic-less:

My roommates/friends who bail me out with picking my stranded self up and giving me rides. If I were 19 and living in Provo I would bear my testimony next fast and testimony meeting on how much I love them. I would probably end up crying and then share something I had learned from Oprah.

AAA is lovely. You know the emergency road service people? I think that is the best 50 bucks I spend each year. They are re-dic-less-lee fantastic.

Dontella gelato from the gelato place down my street. Its chocolate hazelnut, and it makes me happy.

Ridiculous....Re-dic-less. Fun to say.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If adventures to not befall a young lady in her own village

She must seek them abroad. jane austen

A few weeks ago my friends and I had no idea what was missing in our lives. We were "cruise virgins." We had no idea that a world of bliss on water, 24 hour room service, sunning on decks, ice cream cones around the clock, no one telling you no, multiple entrees each night, happy people every where, nightly entertainment, towels in the shape of animals and chocolates on your pillows even existed.
We cruised. We cruised and we loved every moment of it.
Our cruise took us to Mexico. Cabo San Lucas brought us beautiful sunshine, clear blue water, Lalo our favorite snorkeling guide, and many admiring Mexican men. Ensenada Mexico brought us fish tacos that I will never be able to forget, a famous blow hole and lots of bargain shopping.
I am safely saying that it just might have been one of the best weeks I have had in my 25, I mean 26 years of life. Oh, the stories we could tell.... Oh, the stories we won't tell. Like Vegas, what happens on a cruise ship, stays on the cruise ship. :)

All my single ladies and I:

Why don't more people cruise?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Sun,

I didn't see you for two days. I missed your sunshine and the Vitamin D you give me.

I plan on meeting you here next week:

Anticipating our reunion.....


Anna's pale, white skin.