Thursday, August 27, 2009

without clothes or fear

When someone shares that they have a sunburn in a place that most people don't usually get sunburned.... what usually comes to mind?
That this person has just come from a week at San Diego's nude beach? Yeah, I normally don't go there either. In the future don't be so quick to rule that out. Apparently San Diego has one. Yep. This person said that he's been going for years. A little shy at first.... but after deciding that it was just way too hot he took the nakey plunge!! (cause swim suits are rather warm) He now enjoys his time on the beach with all the other nudists. Don't worry he informed me that it was a great beach. Family friendly. People playing volleyball and picnicking. Sounds great yeah?
Um NO!! Are you picturing this? Family friendly? Naked people jumping around playing volleyball???!! That has disaster written all over it. Things could get caught in the net. Or sitting around shooting the breeze whilst eating hot dogs and sipping cola. Pass the ketchup.... What if it brushed up against something?? NO! NO!! So wrong. This could scar children for life.
I applaud him for living out loud. Having the confidence to be naked and nude in public for all to see is brave. Very, Very brave.
I'm a coward.
BUT it might be a good laugh to see all the nudeys.

naked and nude, naked and nude.

If you are not a coward. Piece of advice... Put sunblock on EVERYWHERE.


In no paticular order.... Here are some pictures from my week of nieces and nephews. They ARE cute huh??? I know. adorable.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

I'm gone. Visiting family. Currently acting as the nanny/auntie extraordinaire. Pictures will be shared eventually.
This is what I have learned so far....
-When I am done walking or am tired if I just announce that my legs are broken someone is bound to eventually pick me up. Works for a certain nephew of mine anyway. I'm a sucker.
-Yukons are big. They make me feel small while driving them, convenient with children and they turn on a dime.
-Coconut shrimp + Roy Rogers + speed scrabble= girls gone wild...or at least fun with fantastic sisters in-law.
-Walking your newly 4th grader nephew into school on his first day is bound to bring back all your own emotions from that time.
-Colorado is a place of many dinosaur findings. Who knew?
-I miss jumping on a trampoline. Fun. Crack the egg and bread and butter were taught to the young ones. (love that these games are named after food. breakfast food. mmmm)
-I need to slow down. I got pulled over for the 4th time in the last 9 months on my way home from Colorado. No ticket. AND it's not because I have a nice rack (you know what I am talking about) either. Those of you that know me, KNOW this wouldn't..couldn't be the reason.
-Nothing is better than hearing a beloved niece or nephew say, "Anna, I just love you!" I eat this up.
Loving it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

MISS understood

So, I got a few comments about my Helen Keller post. Can't say I am surprised at some of them.  For the record...I am NOT prejudice against the deaf. Nope. I am not. I merely thought it quite funny that the maker of this hideous name had never heard what it sounded like.

I like deaf people just as much as I like people who can hear. I think it is cool that they can talk with their hands and find ways to function in this world without the gift of sound.

What I am prejudice about is people making up stupid names.

that's all.

Don't hate.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

tell me

What do you think? My blog is purple now. Do you like? Or should I go back to pink??

Helen Keller

A couple brought in their new born baby to my place of employment this last weekend. I saw that the baby's name was______. (hippa regulations-can't tell) This name was interesting. When I say interesting I mean re-dic-less.

I sweetly comment to the proud new parents, "Wow, what an interesting name! Where did you get it??"

The mother says, "My husband actually made it up." She then looks at the husband and signs to him what I had just said. (signed, as in talked with her hands, sign language.)


Really? He is deaf? You let the deaf guy choose this name for your child? He doesn't have any idea what it sounds like, he made it up. Chose 6 random letters from the alphabet and put them together. The name might look pretty in the American Sign Language, but verbally spoken it is joke.

Good thing the baby was beautiful. Precious even.

Eh, what do I know. The kid won't get anymore crap than any kid born in Utah in the last 5 years. Her name will fit in with all the other crazy names that parents make up these days. She will probably have a best friend named Bunderlai and fall in the love with a boy known as Rymon.

Deaf or not. Why do they do it?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

things that MUST go -part 2-

The list continues. See previous post.

-My potty mouth. I like to swear and it is not becoming for a young lady. I am not dropping f-bombs or anything. I only use the good solid classics. You know, h-word, d-word, s-word and occasional b-word. It MUST go. I just don't know if it REALLY will.
-Working every Saturday. It sure sucks the fun out of my life.
-People thinking I am older than I really am. I know that I exude maturity (ahem) but really??? I am 26. Not 30 and not even 28. What does this mean for me as the years go on? Will they think I am 40 when I am 32??? Go. It must go.
-Finals. All they do is cause unnecessary anxiety. They too must go.
-Wal-mart having better prices than other stores. I hate Wal-mart but damn it(one last little slip) they are cheaper! That must go!!

Go on, add a few more.

Monday, August 3, 2009

things that MUST go

I at one time listened to The Radio From Hell show on x96. They eventually got a little too angry and liberal for me but they could be funny.
Anyways... They use to do their lists of "things that must go" on Thursdays.

I'm feeling negative. So I will be doing my very own "things that must go" today. Or begin to. I have a feeling there will be many.

1. Old men in the short shorts. You know the kind. 2 1/2 inch inseam, I see them often in navy blue. You have a neighbor in his 70s who wears them while mowing the lawn, usually feels a shirt is optional too. A patient of mine was wearing a pair today and when he sat down I saw more of his man thigh than I was comfortable with. Why do they do it?
2. While we are on old men... I saw one walking pants less and with out undies from his garage to his house yesterday while driving home from church. Seriously. You may think its just a quick step out to the garage, I should be ok without pants or underwear....NO! No! It is not a quick enough step! I saw old wrinkly man butt right after church yesterday and it was disturbing. That must go too.
3. Temperatures over 90 degrees. When is it ever pleasant?
4. Diet Coke without caffeine. Why bother?

This is just the beginning.

Feel free to add.