Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A few things that surprise me:

When I type something, press spell check and find that I have NOT misspelled any words. Woot! Woot! (Sadly this is often followed by finding that I have just used the wrong form of the word. At least I spelled it right. sigh.)

My dad proudly informing me that he has added a 4 year supply of his favorite mouth wash to his storage. Not that surprising, but funny.

I am just now reading the 6th Harry Potter book. Completely bizarre that I haven't read it till now. Loved all the previous Potter books but this gem came out while I was serving a mission. It took me a while to want to read non churchy things. (I know, I was a complete nerd) By the time I was ready to read "worldly" things I had forgotten about my Potter love. My love for Potter is currently being renewed.

My friend Sarah is a yogi. A good one at that. Went to one of her yoga classes for the first time and loved it. I have never really done yoga. Felt great and hurt all at the same time.
We often are unaware that the people we are close to have some incredible skills because we don't get exposed to them. She was great. If you live in Provo check her out at "It's Yoga" at the RiverWoods. Namaste. ;)

I bruise like a peach. Really, I do. I tried taking a picture of my legs and it was too hideous to post. I have several icky bruises all over my legs right now. Not sure how I got them. Perhaps it was the roller coasters at Lagoon or maybe my roommate beats me up in my sleep. Could be either one...

Some surprises I like. Some I do not.

This. Yep. Really happened. I am surprised that a place where I normally feel safe was not so safe feeling. Feeling just fine now. Can't let one crazy ruin fun having for the rest of us.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Box

My friend text me this last week:

I got a blog for you. My credit card was stolen and they went to Red Box*.

Serious. Who steals a wallet, throws everything else out but the credit card and rents 11 movies from Red Box?
Why not do some damage with some online shopping? Fill your car up with gas, go out to a nice dinner, get a massage, buy season tickets to the Jazz, finally get a Kindle, and buy a couple of tickets to Tahiti? Just ideas.

11 dollars spent on her stolen credit card at the Red Box. Really? That was the best they could do??

What would YOU do with a stolen credit card? Assuming it wasn't wrong to charge up a storm with it.

* I have a few friends (Serena)... ahem... who may or may not know what Red Box is. I included a picture of a Red Box machine. You can get movies for 99 cents a night per movie. Wow. Cool huh? :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Now I know

I tend to drink a lot of water. Ok, I tend to drink a fair amount of caffeine. This means I have to urinate frequently. (or in other words- tinkle)
Today I had too tinkle really bad during a movie. Held out till it was over and booked it to the ladies room. A line. Of course.
I did the I gotta tinkle dance while waiting. When it was finally my turn I scrambled to get my pants down. 3 flipping buttons made this way too difficult. It took forever! Those tiny little things were tough and when all I could think about was not peeing my pants my skinny fingers suddenly functioned with the agility of chubby toddler.
At last the pants were down and while I tinkled I had an ah ha moment. THIS is why old ladies wear pants with elastic. They realize their limits. They know that continence is not their strongest attribute and their hands are too tired and ridden with arthritis to fiddle with pesky buttons. All they have to do is a downward tug and they are in business. Or at least doing their business.

Now I know. Old people are definitely smarter than we give them credit for.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's what fun is

Sacrifice. We sometimes have to give up something good to get something great.
Slept approximately 3 hours on Thursday night. A nap if you will. After a full days work instead of heading home to sleep, my roommate talks me into to a little trip up north to Lagoon. Did I mention that we have season passes? Yeah, we purchased them and plan on using them. A lot.

Friday was our maiden season pass holders voyage. That means we got our pictures taken for our Lagoon passports. We waited in line with all the other 10-15 year olds and said cheese. Wish my scanner was working because I had a planned and practiced pose. It speaks volumes on my maturity level.

Us before our first ride. Look at those tired eyes, and wow, that I've been up since 3am hair. Mel looks so fresh. Dang her.

Some might think we should be embarrassed. I'm not. I don't care that I am grown woman who loves a good roller coaster and lives for days on the lazy river. I am not ashamed.

Worth the sacrifice of sleep? Heavens yes. We rode a few rides, laughed a few good laughs and watched some people. Only stayed for a few hours because we can come back. When ever we want.

I love my life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have had a few moments as of late when I feel completely sentimental. Gotten all serious and told friends that I love em. Talked about my family to others and gotten teary eyed. I choked up over taco dinner with my roomies. I have gotten all mushy and serious. Really, I don't know why. Yeah, I know some of you think this is how I always am. BUT more so than normal.
I read this blog entry a few weeks ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. Click on this and promise to read it and watch the video (7:28) Please?
I related in such a real way to this. She (c jane) put it beautifully. It is priceless to have people in your life who will whistle immediately for you. Even if at times you feel at odds.
I have 3 older brothers. They are complete boys through and through. We are not a very huggy, mushy family. There was never a time that we sang around the piano at Christmas. We all argue and fight. Words that filled our house were not always peace and love.
They are all married to beautiful women and have gorgeous kids that I adore. At times I feel odd man out. I feel behind. I feel like I couldn't possibly be needed or thought about by my brothers. They all live in different states and are busy working hard to provide for their families. We are all worlds away.
Months and months ago my little heart got stomped on. As it leaked out to one brother the dominos fell and the news circulated in a matter of minutes. I was reminded of just how fantastic it is to have brothers. Each one called me. Came to my rescue. They talked me through. AND most importantly they offered to hurt the one who caused my little heart to hurt. :) They cared. A lot. I was taken back by how much support I felt.
I think I would experience what I felt with that said heart stomping again because of what I came away with. A very real understanding of how much my brothers love and care about me. They whistled immediately. We may not gab on the phone constantly. We don't live close enough to hang out all the time. BUT I know they would whistle for me and for each other immediately.
I am a lucky girl.

100 ah ah ah

(the ah ah ahs are to be read like The Count would say them on Sesame Street.)

It is my 100th post. Yep. It sure is. I have blogged 100 times. Count em. Actually don't. It may not be 100 posts that were posted. I have a few little lovelies that never made the cut and remain secret. Wouldn't you like to know.....

SO in honor of my 100th post I decided to favor you all with 100 little facts about ME!!

Here they go:

Do you really think I would do that? Do you REALLY think I would bore you all to death like that?......I just checked my posts to make sure I hadn't already done such a thing. phew.

Thanks for reading my blog. I like blogging. AND I like it when you read it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bumper Cars

Be honest. There are times when you are behind a car and you feel the urge to play bumper cars.... Instead of hitting the brakes you want to press the gas. Not to cause any damage or harm to the person... but it just sounds fun? All right there may be a time or two that I come down with a case of road rage and have a fleeting thought about ramming their back ends. BUT that is very rare. I'm not a violent or angry person.

Speaking of violence.

My dear friend Becky use to have to stay at her dad's house some weekends and more during the summer when we were in Jr high and high school. She had a mega beast for a step mom (we hated her because Becky did, don't really know if she was that bad). We(me and Emily) would end up at her dad's house with her and while we weren't checking out the neighbor boy* (HOT!!), we would sit around in the kitchen. It seemed we would be sitting on the floor a lot(probably so neighbor boy wouldn't catch us checking him out). Well, the mega beast had an abnormally large collection of crystal dishes and figurines. Crystal stuff. When boredom hit we would all choose which crystal piece would be the most fun to break. Seriously, we did.

We never did break one, but now every time I see a crystal figurine I just imagine it breaking and shattering into a thousand pieces.

I'm sick huh?

*A word on the neighbor boy. He visited from somewhere south if I am right. He was tall dark and handsome and drove a jeep AND he was the only boy we knew of that could pull off a pink polo shirt. We all loved him. Don't think one of us had more than a 2 line conversation with the boy. The view from the kitchen sink was perfect if he was out on the deck. (This just in... Emily reminded me his name...LANCE!)