Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mrs. Heckles

My roommate was laughing this morning. She was laughing because there was a broom by our night stands. (and when I say nightstands, I mean our plastic drawers. classy huh?)
The broom is there because we have some LOUD new neighbors upstairs.
They have been loud all week. At one point they got scary loud and we may or may not have made a call into the police.
I miss our old neighbors. We never met them but they were quiet. Except for a few times when we think they were..... ya know, doing it.
The new people walk around upstairs like they are really heavy people that stomp around instead of walk around.
So the broom. Do you remember Mr. Heckles from Friends? The cranky neighbor that lived below Monica and Rachael? I pulled a Mr. Heckles and pounded on the ceiling with my broom. It didn't give me the sound quality I was wanting because our broom is an Ikea special that is made out of plastic. Even though it was weak, it did sort of work for a minute.
I think I may need a new broom.


Marley Family said...

That's so funny! I loved Mr. Heckels.

j said...

Just a random thought I had while reading this: if you are going to italicize anything in the phrase "...ya know, doing it", I feel like it should definitely be "doing":

"...ya know, doing it"

or maybe both:

"...ya know, doing it."

Just something to consider for future blogposts in which someone is...ya know, doing it

Anna said...

j- hhmm good thought. You are so smart. It's like you have your doctorate or something.

So, I will edit my post in honor of your intelligence.

Alisha said...

HAHAHAHAHHA. completely loved it. I'd be the type of neighbor to have a broom at the ready.

love love love you!

Brianne said...

You do remember that they ended up killing old Mr. Heckles with their incessant broom hitting? but at least they had some peace and quiet after that :) lol

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

You are so funny Anna!! I just love reading your posts and seeing the way your mind works. I am also glad to know I am not the only person left that still loves/quotes Friends....good luck with the noisy neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Heavy people are so inconsiderate.

"Yeah, it's my cat. Give me my cat."

Queen of Kings said...

We have the same problem GRRRR I hope it gets better for you! I just yell though but maybe I should try a broom?? It was SOOOO Good to see you last week LOVE YOUR GUTS! You look AMAZING AS ALWAYS!! We both said when we left "she is AMAZING who ever catches her is super lucky" Good luck with loudness above!!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

just call the cops on the fattys anna...thats what i do. i love me some 911.its very exciting and addicting...i call it all the time...i need to blog about i just might

snittymagee said...

You look like Mr, Heckles too...