Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love finding treasures in your pockets. Adult pockets may not be as exciting as little boy pockets with twigs, rocks, sling shots and wrappers, but treasures they do have. I especially love when you get out your winter coat and there is a 5 dollar bill in the pocket or your long lost lip gloss. I like finding washed ticket stubs too.

Did you know that wiener dogs love finding little treasures in pockets too? Yep. They do. My neighbors growing up had a couple of wiener dogs and anytime I was sitting on the ground they would put their little noses in my pockets and pull out my treasures. I always had little stickers and pink post-it notes and pieces of bubble gum. They were funny little dogs.

Apparently these dogs were great listeners too. Years after my neighbors moved away we saw them and they told us how they would hear me out in their back yard just talking to the dogs. Telling them all about my problems and so on. They heard this phrase a lot- "the boys won't let me play too." The boys being my brothers. We always referred to them as "the boys." The neighbors had a good laugh. Now, I don't exactly remember this but... it sounds like something I would do. Even now.

I need a dog. No, I need a neighbor with a dog.


Marley Family said...

Thats cute!!!

Sarah said...

ha!!!! first of all, that's just funny that here you were pouring your soul out to the neighbor's dogs and the neighbor overheard it.

and second of all, i call my bros "the boys" too. and i distinctly remember feeling that way as well. if only i wasn't scared of our neighbor's dog, i could've had someone to talk to about it.

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

This is one of my favorite anna stories!!! that and the red cocacola shirt in every school picture...you are hillarious my friens:) god bless our mothers for those terrible pictures that capture reality

Anonymous said...

So you're softening on the dog idea. This is good. Because if you have boys, you need a dog. Just sayin'.

You are lucky the dogs went for your pockets. They always go somewhere else with me.

As the mother of boys, I will tell you, LOTS of surprises on laundry day. And, ew.

It's good to be back and reading your blog. You're SUPER interesting and funny :)

Love this post. It is one of those posts that tell us who you are. And who you are is good :)

Kristin said...

Can't stop laughing about your virgin comment!!! Hilarious Anna! ANd yes, Shawn really never swears! It drives me crazy! Oh well, he will just always be the more righteous one between us.
I really hope we can do some dinner soon or something. I want to see you and chat, so I can stop getting all my info from Becks. :)