Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last night I went to a Zumba class with my good friend Emily. Zumba is aerobics with a Latin flair. So you are jammin out to a high tempo music and feeling like your at fiesta!! I had a good time, burned a lot of calories but was made very aware of my "whiteness." Not necessarily the color of my skin but my inability to move my hips the way Latins do. Emily and I are the girls in the back that try to look like they know what they are doing but with out a whole lot of success. It was a great energy though. Lots of fun. AND I am sore this morning so that it fabulous!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I want to buy a piggie

Saturday night myself, Megan and Mel went to the Utah State Fair. Yahoo! Megan is an Aussie and had never experienced the Utah State Fair or another State fair for that matter. Mel and I had never been to the Utah Fair. I was holding high expectations because I come from the great state of Idaho where our fair is legendary. The UT Fair did A-OK.
Fair food- scones and root beer (it made my tummy ache so I couldn't eat a funnel cake, the real reason you go.)
Pig Auction- How exciting was that? These old guys talking so fast and people raising there hands to bid. With all the excitement I was sooo tempted to bid on one of those lovely little piggies.(going for about $400) Until we saw one going to the bathroom and another lick his piggie bum as he relieved himself. eww.
All animals especially the baby ones- I love baby goats!
Sculpture of a bull made out of butter- They said it was made with enough butter to butter 19,200 pieces of toast!
Handwriting analysis- For the small fee of $3 I signed a piece of paper and a machine told me all sorts of wonderful, believable truths about myself. I plan on saving that.
Mullets (business in the front, party in the back)-oddly enough we only saw about 6. Disappointing? Yes. I had high hopes of seeing mullets in the double digits.
Who doesn't love the fair? Not me, I love the fair.
Megan posted a pic and also wrote a little ditty about the fair. Check it out.

Should I be offended?

So last Thursday I was on my way to class when I ran into an elder who served in my mission(we will keep his identity secret but call him "Joe"). We talked for a brief moment and I went on my way to class. Later I called my friend Mel and mentioned to her that I had run into Joe. (she is good friends with him) She said that Joe had text her after running into me. Here is how it goes....
Joe: I ran into Anna. She is nice.
Mel: Neat.
Joe: I saw her from behind and thought I recognized her.
Joe: She is actually attractive, I am surprised.

Uh, what is that suppose to mean? Does this mean that before hand he had only really looked at my backside because that's how he recognized me? He must not have liked it because he said I was surprisingly attractive. Mostly this just makes me laugh. How random. It is good to know that maybe after being home from the mission for two years that I have finally lost all of my frump. Suprising.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm in LOVE

Last week I finally caved in and read "Twilight." Now, if you are unsure of what book this is, all you need to do is ask any other girl, young or old and she will tell you. Her voice will turn to a higher pitch and she might just squeal with delight. I read the book with in a 24 hour span of time. Keep in mind that half that time I was busy at work. Any free second I had my head was in the book. Stoplights, between helping patients, in the bathroom, and late into the night. I became obsessed! I could not get enough of this vampire story! (I know it sounds silly, a book about a vampire but REALLY its fabulous!!) Edward is the vampire who I have fallen in love with. He is described as "inhumanly beautiful, with a breathtaking crooked smile, looking more like a Greek god than anyone has the right to." Edward is so charming and the narrator Bella is some one you can relate to. There are already two more books in its following but I have had to stop myself because I have a test next week and I know that if I read them my little world will shut down and I will not be able to study. *Sigh* You all must read these books. One last confession. When I was done, later that weekend I almost missed reading about them. I missed Edward, and maybe had convinced my self that Edward missed me too! hahaha

WOW.... So I was reading over what I just typed. You might all be assuming that I am a lonely girl that has to fantasize over fictional characters to keep her company. Well not completely true. But I am a big nerd. Read the book.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tahitian Nights...

I had the privilege of serving with an amazing Sister from Tahiti. Sooo fabulous. She got married last month. This is her on the big day with the family.
You can't really see in this picture but the girl has this amazing long Vidal Sassoon hair. She taught me about a tradition they have in Tahiti. When it is a full moon her dad would trim her hair (he is the guy left of her). Legend has it that if you trim your hair on a full moon it will grow faster. She would take it seriously too! When she was living in France she had her boyfriend trim her hair for her on the full moon nights. So now that lucky guy (guy to the right) who has just become her husband will trim it for her. This is a very interesting tradition... I am thinking that I need to quit paying for expensive hair cuts, get a boyfriend and let him do the cutting on full moon nights! I wonder what other lovely traditions could the Tahitians teach me?


So this is my first ever blog. I decided to go ahead and do it because I was blog stalking so many others. High time I reciprocate! Hope this little blog-o-mine will add to the enjoyment of others. One thing- my grammar skills are terrible. Go easy on me.