Friday, August 14, 2009

MISS understood

So, I got a few comments about my Helen Keller post. Can't say I am surprised at some of them.  For the record...I am NOT prejudice against the deaf. Nope. I am not. I merely thought it quite funny that the maker of this hideous name had never heard what it sounded like.

I like deaf people just as much as I like people who can hear. I think it is cool that they can talk with their hands and find ways to function in this world without the gift of sound.

What I am prejudice about is people making up stupid names.

that's all.

Don't hate.


Rob n Katie' said...

Thank You for making that clear. I didn't think you were prejudice, but I did wonder.

I Love being apart of my Deaf Community.

As for stupid names, is what bugs me are the hearing people that can hear the names they make up and still give them to their kids. I love Deaf, hearing, and Laugh at at Stupid.

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

we need to get to the bottom of this. How do you know Todd and Tam and also Jill Kennedy? Talk about SLC being a small town. Tam and Clint where best friends through high school and they are still close. Weird. That we met you through Emily????

Amelia said...

Nothin but love from me!

Marley Family said...

Anna your thinking too much.

Larissa said...

I can't believe you are such an insensitive jerk! I hereby ban you from Coconut M&Ms!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that this post made me, a lot?