Monday, August 25, 2008

This letter must of got lost in the mail....

August 11th 2008

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I am writing in regards to the waste of time that you call Breaking Dawn. If I could get back the last few hours of my life that I wasted on reading that I would.
Please do not attempt to write another book. Twilight made me feel like a giggly high school girl. But I reached my giggly high school girl limit. Breaking Dawn pushed me over the edge. It was full of sugary sweet, life is perfect, I am a vampire with a half human kid (Renesme?? what the??!!), a beautiful push over husband, a wolf friend with the hots for my daughter, and vampire sex that just got old.
I am kindly withdrawing my "fanship."

Best wishes,

P.S. I will still be watching the Twilight movie. Lets face it, even though I hated Breaking Dawn, I feel that Twilight is still something I can secretly love in a very small way.