Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is GOOD to do things that make you feel


*Does this picture make you laugh? Becuase I was hoping that it would.


Sarah said...

i like it. i am trying to figure out what kind of a stance that is you are in. i'm thinking it's a "i've conquered the mountain, but what's that over yonder." or you're saluting something. or you hiked up and are now trying to find something that you dropped way back on the trail.

where is this, by the way?

Anna said...

I think the stance was more leaning toward "i've conquered the mountain, but what's over yonder."
AND I just really liked that my jacket was swaying in the wind, made feel like I was wearing a cape. ;)
It's Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas. (This pic isnt doing it justice. I felt small.

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

Its cute nan. your freeking skinny i could snap you like a ckicken. love ya

Kristin said...

Dang girl. Nice bod. You look small. Totally love the cape blowing in the wind. You are a super hero.

Marley Family said...

I feel small most of the time. Lane feels smaller.

barry said...