Friday, April 10, 2009

A sweet sound

Little fists knocking on my door and little voices saying, "Aunt Anna, hi, we are here, Aunt Anna open the door!"

My sister in-law and three of my nephews came to my apartment tonight. Stuffed animals in arms and pizza to share.

Loved having them. Jett filled me in on his popularity at school and explained to me that the reason his feet smell, is because he runs really fast so his feet get sweaty. ;)

Luke. Oh Lukey. When I stated that I wish I didn't have to go to work, Luke shared his wisdom. He said that I gotta get me a husband. Then, I could quit my job and my husband could go to work for me. So wise this little guy.

Then there is Tommy. This little 3 year old engages in non stop wrestling. He pulled a few Chuck Norris moves on me and his brothers. Spin kicks and body checks.

Love them. Wish their little fists knocked on my door more often.


CharlieJo said...

how fun! I LOVE that they live closer so you can see them more often. :)

Sarah said...

haha! love the stories. i so agree. i love being an aunt!!!

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

Your nephews love you!!!! You are the best auntie! Did you ever get the phone picture?

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

Anna i want the little bad one. him and arden could be bad together! sereously tho....i want luke. tell jake to mail him over.

Marley Family said...

How fun to see your boys! Jett is my fav.