Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rinse and repeat

Do you ever wish you could wash more than just the daily grime off in the shower? Sometimes I think I almost convince myself that if I stay in there long enough my flaws (I'm talking inner flaws, not extra weight or crooked noses) will rinse off with my shampoo.
Sadly, I have yet to find a strong enough soap. I unfortunately get only temporary relief and all my flaws just stick to me like tattoos.
For the 10-20 minutes* that I am in there, I feel pretty good.
If my skin didn't prune and if hot water didn't run out, I think there would be days that I would just stand there all day.

* I know, I know it's not good for the earth to take that long of showers. I know that my roommates sometimes hate me because I have taken all the water. I want to know how Jennifer Aniston takes 3 min showers. How. How?


CharlieJo said...

totally agree!!! love long hot showers. :)

Marley Family said...

If you find the shower that fixes flaws let me know. Jennifer Aniston is crazy if she thinks she takes 3 min showers.

Rhiannon said...

I bet she doesn't really take that quick of showers... she just says that so we will all think how GREEN she is. I'm with you, it's hard to get out of the shower. I too could stay in all day & I will even admit that I have been late to work because I just couldn't get out of the shower! I bet thats hard when you have to share the shower with roommates though... luckily Ryan doesn't really get mad at me if i do use all the hot water. :) we shower different times of the day, so it really doesn't matter any way. I know i know T.M.I! T.M.I :)

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

faganna, i take like a 2 min shower. my child raises hell so i cant be long. i take like 2 hour baths...when beaus in charge so i understand

Sakievich said...

I say, Kill the Earth!