Thursday, August 27, 2009

without clothes or fear

When someone shares that they have a sunburn in a place that most people don't usually get sunburned.... what usually comes to mind?
That this person has just come from a week at San Diego's nude beach? Yeah, I normally don't go there either. In the future don't be so quick to rule that out. Apparently San Diego has one. Yep. This person said that he's been going for years. A little shy at first.... but after deciding that it was just way too hot he took the nakey plunge!! (cause swim suits are rather warm) He now enjoys his time on the beach with all the other nudists. Don't worry he informed me that it was a great beach. Family friendly. People playing volleyball and picnicking. Sounds great yeah?
Um NO!! Are you picturing this? Family friendly? Naked people jumping around playing volleyball???!! That has disaster written all over it. Things could get caught in the net. Or sitting around shooting the breeze whilst eating hot dogs and sipping cola. Pass the ketchup.... What if it brushed up against something?? NO! NO!! So wrong. This could scar children for life.
I applaud him for living out loud. Having the confidence to be naked and nude in public for all to see is brave. Very, Very brave.
I'm a coward.
BUT it might be a good laugh to see all the nudeys.

naked and nude, naked and nude.

If you are not a coward. Piece of advice... Put sunblock on EVERYWHERE.


Sarah said...

i have never heard the words "nude" and "family friendly" together before. i don't think they go... i once went to this dance performance where the dancers were wearing these little nude colored outfits that just covered the important parts. i was told that they performed the same dance nude in europe. i was appalled. a little by the nudity, but i just think it would've been distracting to have movement in places i don't want to see movement coming from. some things just need to be covered and strapped down. volleyball nude?! please! there is a time and a place to be free. that is not one of them. (that was a long comment...)

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

NO NO NO. its just freeking wrong, imagine the ones sun baithing, flopped.....eewwwwwww barf. my sister was in hawaii at a nude beach, clothed?? and this old guy rolled up all naked, asking for duby rolling paper! how hillarious is that. F.L.O.P.E.D. YUCK. NEEDS TO BE OUTLAWED.

Anonymous said...

This post just reminded me of a very peculiar nudist beach story...yep - new blog post coming up for me! :) Interesting how men in general are often so comfortable in their nakedness. Women are more demure usually, and as a whole, most would agree that a woman's body is more beautiful naked. That being said, a man naked and bouncy is about the very last thing I want to see. Ever.

Amber Kelly said...

I just had the worst vision of my breast caught in the Volleyball net! Thanks alot Anna, now I will have to cross that off my "things to do list"

Larissa said...

I am perfectly brave when I am home alone in my very own condo :-)

Anna said...

Sarah-nice lengthy comment. Bad image about the dance.
Emily-agreed- should be outlawed.
dunnthat- men ARE more free with their nakedness...oh the things they do while they are in the hospital. SHARE the nudey story!!
Amber Kelly- Where have you been?? And your welcome for the image of your breast in a v-ball net. Put a shirt on. :)
Larissa- I'm brave at home ALONE too. :)

Marley Family said...

Naked and nude, Naked and nude. I just peed myself.