Sunday, May 25, 2008


So when working in the hospital you meet A LOT of people. A lot of DIFFERENT people.
Sharing time:
I draw this really nice guy's blood that is not native to our country. How I wish I could tell you his name!! (it would make the story THAT much better) Blast! The whole HIPPA thing.
I see him a few times and one day during the phelbotomizing process he says, "Anna, are you married?" I of course tell him that I am not. He then says, "Oh, that be good Anna. You are so young, so fresh. Yes, Anna so fresh, so fresh."
Wow. What did that mean? Like fresh produce? Like Ivory soap fresh? So fresh and so clean, clean??
What ever he was trying to say, it sure got me. Really guys try that line. "Girl, you are so fresh, yes, so fresh." It is that easy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

pod people

I am late bloomer. Just this Christmas did I finally join the rest of the world and purchase an ipod. I was a tad intimidated with the whole thing. All that music, the circle button, and looking hip with the white earphones in the ears. Could I handle that?!?!
Answer: Yes.
I primarily use it for working out. Before I would just bring along my earphones and plug it in to the elliptical machine and watch TV. I had a walkman but figured that I would look old fashioned if I lugged that thing around. Post cardio was done to the over head music and the occasional grunt from a few of the other gym participants.
Now, after cardio I blair my hearts desires. It is fabulous! What I want to know is, is how everyone else keeps from breaking out in song?! It is a huge challenge for me. I want every one to know that "I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding." To not start singing along is rough.
I feel a little sneaky. My fellow gym goers could be thinking I am listening to some intense rocker song, and little do they know that Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" is helping me pump up.
This gets me thinking, what are the "suit case arm" gym rats listening to? Is Mr. Biceps jammin to Celine Dion? What ever it is, I would LOVE to see him sing out a few notes. Spice my morning up a bit.
I love my ipod.



I moved. No longer living in the lap of luxury with Auntie Kay.
Got an apartment with some friends. Liking it. Adjusting to sharing a room again.
Feeling like I am 19 again. I needed some storage space so I put my twin bed up on cinder blocks. Yep, I said twin bed. I really am living the dream.

First day of Nursing school.
Stressed out, wanted to cry- but didn't.

That's it.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baby Momma

Last weekend I was up in Idaho to throw one of my dearest friends a baby shower. AND I must say me and my friends are professionals! Over 40 people came! Wowza! Becky is loved by all!
Now, I do not pride my self in being super crafty or domestic BUT me and Emily created the most fantastic baby present for Becky. Behold...The Diaper Cake!!Fabulous huh? A vision of pink and brown! All made out of diapers and those wonderful little shoes on top! I am very proud of that creation! *not edible ;)
It was fun to see a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a long time. Here we all are! I got some new blogger friends too! (holla to Bonnie and Kristin!) ;) And yes, it is totally cool to say "holla."

I also got to hang out with my momma while I was home. We had a good time. We did a little shopping, a little eating, some laughing and we went to see "Baby Momma." It was kinda cute. I think if was most fun because I was with my mom, and she is the ultimate baby momma.