Wednesday, September 9, 2009

miss me?

I am easily persuaded by advertisements. Deliberate advertising or not. I'm a good target.
See the guy on the corner holding a sign for the latest pizza special? Yes, please.
Hear someone talking about a new mascara? I want it.
Movie previews? Make me want a double feature.
See a new beverage in the store...has a pretty, shiny label...I want to try it.
Me and my roommate were on a run a few days ago and someone was barbecuing. Sniff, sniff. Dang, that smells good. I want a steak.
So right after we ran, we went to the store and purchased beef.

Lucky for me I am not very impulsive and can usually fight off any insane purchases. BUT it's in my blood. My dad has purchased several things off infomercials. I think it's hilarious.

A few of my favorites, ALL purchased via infomercial:

The paint roller that carries the paint in the stick. Pretty useful. However, I do remember hearing a few cuss words while he was using it. Not always as handy as you want it to be.The BBQ that uses only newspaper as fuel. I know. Who buys this? My dad.

And the latest... Wasn't surprised to see this weird contraption in the dining room when I went home a few months ago. It is suppose to help with back alignment or something.

Ok, this last one is fun. It apparently works too. ( And if you are noticing the wheelchair in the background- no, neither of my parents use a wheelchair... My granny use to live with them.)
So are YOU a good consumer? Do you want the ordering info for any of the above? ;) Do you have a product I MUST try? OR if you don't have a comment on the subject feel free to tell me that you have missed me and my blogs. (it HAS been 2 weeks.) :)


dunnthat said...! I've missed you AND your blogs! Awesome post. Just awesome. Laugh out loud funny.

Hmmm. Dumb phone purchases...this scrubber thing that is like an ortho electric toothbrush that gets everything clean - EVEN IN THE CORNERS! Uh, no it doesn't.

I also purchased a paint-helper. But this was a pad that evenly distributes the paint. Yeah, no.

And I own several boxes of Mighty Putty. Does it work? I have no idea. Haven't tried it.

Green bags. To keep produce longer. I have MANY. Huh. May work. Dunno. I keep forgetting to use them.

I have more. But I can't think of them now.

On another note, drop back to my blog again...I know you're busy, but I added a post today that I am SURE you will enjoy. It's your kind of story. :)

Love you.

Kristie Lynne said...

Haha, my brother has one of those alignment things. He put me in it and didn't tighten the ankle straps enough. I bet you can guess what happened next. Hahah.

Alisha said...

i do miss you. A freakin lot. especially when i eat sushi.

here is what you need to get: clinique mascara. the one with the comb on one side. THE.BEST.EVER.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

I know!! come use my spray tan and then poast before and after pictures on your blog. THEN WRITE MUST TAN AT THE BEACH HOUSE TANNING SALON. sounds good to me. F.A.G.

Sarah said...

yes i have missed your blogs. but i miss you more! what the heck anna!!! it's been too long.

by the way, yoga helps with back alignment. so you don't have to purchase one of those, just come to yoga!

i think the only commercial that has made me want to buy their product is the dove dishsoap commercial with the cute little duckies that they wash oil off of. they say they donate money to help those little animals for every bottle of soap they sell. have you seen it? brought tears to my eyes. i was like, "okay i will buy dove to help the duckies!"

by the way, in regards to your last post. i just read somewhere that volleyball is the most popular sport played in nudist colonies. thought you'd like to know.

Marley Family said...

Ha Ha I remember that paint roller thing! Your Dad couldn't stop talking about it for weeks!

Larissa said...

Only thing I got suckered into was Proactive back in the year 2003. Good stuff, but I found other combinations that worked just as well without the $!
My mom, however, she buys the battery powered vacuums, the hangers that fit close together, the ab rollers (which my sister's cat who is nicknamed Fatty is terrified of), the fan shaped like hot peppers, anything to do with massages, rotisseries, magic bullet's, make up, pants, toys - you name it she's got it. I cleaned out a closet once for her and found bags full of unopened pants and tagged shirts. Perhaps I should blog about this? :-)

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

LOL I cant stop laughing again. Your parents are awesome.

Moose Tracks said...

Lol! Anna you crack me up girl! Don't some of those infomercials real you in? Some are pretty hilarious too! My parents love the Shamwow...but we weren't impressed, it is fun to say though!
Love your red toes btw!

Kristin said...

HA! I love infomercials! Shawn banned me from QVC and HSN, because I kept making 3 in the morning purchases! I got a pink piggy bank for Lexi for $20 that is a piece of crap, Vaccuum Storage containers, and tons of scrapbooking junk that I never use! I can get talked into anything! I even bought that stupid health book from that guy who hates all medical people "What THEY don't want you to know" or something like that. Never read it and no plans to.I know I am a SUCKER. We need to start a support group for this.
Miss you.
Hope I see you this Thursday and we get to Partay!

Angie Neil said...

My husband and I used to have a grill like your Dad's! We loved it - but it eventually wore out! I can't remember the name of it - do you know or could you find out?! I'd love to get another one!

Thank you!!