Thursday, August 27, 2009


In no paticular order.... Here are some pictures from my week of nieces and nephews. They ARE cute huh??? I know. adorable.


Sarah said...

good heavens. they are so big.

and secondly, what the heck?! that last picture is you wearing the same swimsuit that i have had my eyes on for MONTHS. no fair.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

hi poopie. you are such a cute little auntie...i need to do the shaving cream on the table bit for arden asap...and ps tell carolin shes looking georgous as ever. i just love her. and i love you banannaapantssmithkid

Anonymous said...

Very cute. As are you ;) What body of water is that? When I think of Oklahoma, bodies of water don't necessarily come to mind. Or Colorado for that matter.

Anna said...

Em- The shaving cream IS so fun. Brooklyn especially loved it. Rubbed it all over my arm.
dunnthat- its some little lake in Colorado... random huh? It was a fun little place though. Great park and other stuff to do.

Anna said...

we have great taste. Get the suit and we will be twins!!

Moose Tracks said...

How fun! I bet your nieces and nephews love you... you are the fun auntie! Cute pics! Love the shaving cream picture, I gotta do that it looks like a blast!
Love you swim suit too! You got style girl! ;)