Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tell me

Should one feel guilty for:

Eating a lot of ice cream? I mean... a few bowls (meaning more than one) everyday for several days in a row?

Letting her handsome boyfriend pay 2 dollars at the fair so we could get a look at the shortest woman in the world? (she was 29 inches... I imagine that most people would be curious.)

For having Fergilious song lyrics in her head ALL day long then struggling to get them out of her head during prayers?


Just curious.

I wouldn't feel guilty.... but that's just me.

fergilious def-i-nition... make them boys go loco....

Ok maybe a little guilty about the smallest woman in the world...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this is an old pic of me and Rach

Went to dinner at Mikado with my friend Rachael on Friday night. We like Mikado.

Used the bathroom at Mikado. Even though it was clean I took the time to manually cover the seat with a few layers of toilet paper. My butt does NOT want to share germs with any of their butts (as in anyone who used the facility before me).

Later that night I went to tuck in my shirt and felt something. First thought was, "Oh silly me- a dryer sheet!"


Went to pull the "dryer sheet" out and well, it wasn't a dryer sheet. It was toilet paper. It kept coming too. Went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants, about a half of a roll fell down with them. Yep. I some how managed to pull up all the layers of toilet paper that I had laid down on the seat with my pants.

Not only am I padding my bra these days but my behind too.


Monday, September 14, 2009

too late to apologize

I feel ashamed. A while ago I saw a woman wearing bright red lipstick, told her that she was rocking it and that it looked great....THEN noticed she had it on her teeth.... and didn't tell her. Totally could have. Just didn't. This woman was not a stranger, she was an acquaintance. I let her smile beam a little brighter and widen and inch or two with the compliment and then sent her off to smile big for all the world to see her red toothed grin.

I am sorry. I hesitated. Next time, I will tactfully do my duty as a fellow woman and inform you of the mishap.

To all of you: If I am EVER wearing red lipstick anywhere besides my lips... tell me. Do NOT hesitate. ok?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

miss me?

I am easily persuaded by advertisements. Deliberate advertising or not. I'm a good target.
See the guy on the corner holding a sign for the latest pizza special? Yes, please.
Hear someone talking about a new mascara? I want it.
Movie previews? Make me want a double feature.
See a new beverage in the store...has a pretty, shiny label...I want to try it.
Me and my roommate were on a run a few days ago and someone was barbecuing. Sniff, sniff. Dang, that smells good. I want a steak.
So right after we ran, we went to the store and purchased beef.

Lucky for me I am not very impulsive and can usually fight off any insane purchases. BUT it's in my blood. My dad has purchased several things off infomercials. I think it's hilarious.

A few of my favorites, ALL purchased via infomercial:

The paint roller that carries the paint in the stick. Pretty useful. However, I do remember hearing a few cuss words while he was using it. Not always as handy as you want it to be.The BBQ that uses only newspaper as fuel. I know. Who buys this? My dad.

And the latest... Wasn't surprised to see this weird contraption in the dining room when I went home a few months ago. It is suppose to help with back alignment or something.

Ok, this last one is fun. It apparently works too. ( And if you are noticing the wheelchair in the background- no, neither of my parents use a wheelchair... My granny use to live with them.)
So are YOU a good consumer? Do you want the ordering info for any of the above? ;) Do you have a product I MUST try? OR if you don't have a comment on the subject feel free to tell me that you have missed me and my blogs. (it HAS been 2 weeks.) :)