Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello to Happy

So, I have been reading this blog every now and again. She has been posting peoples lists of things that bring them happiness. I loved it. I loved it so much that decided I would make my own list. It has officially brightened up my finals study session.

1. Thinking that this time next week my finals will be over.
2. Diet Coke with vanilla (fountain, NOT bottle)
3. Singing in the shower (more to come on that)
4. Sunshine.
5. Feeding the ducks at the park.
6. Lunch/Dinner dates with friends.
7. Phone calls from my momma. With my dad in the back ground, interjecting all over the place.
8. Laughing. Belly laughs. Full on laughing till it hurts.
9. A good story. Either one told by a friend, with all the juicy details, a book, a good blog post or a great film.
10. Checking things off a to-do list. Satisfying. Like pulling up a weed.

Do you have anything you would like add to my list?? Feel free. In fact, if you read this post, I demand you to add something to it that makes you happy. Do it. Do it now.

Here's to happiness! Cheers! ;)


Alisha said...

right now: sunshine past 8 and fightless bedtime.

meegs said...

The day that winter begins to be over.

j said...

One of my comps on the mish had a big list and so I made my own. Here's a sample:

good music on a road trip, the temple, playing with dogs, a clean, neat bedroom, receiving letters, Wendy's Monterrey Ranch Chicken Sandwich, soccer chicks, ham and cheese empanadas, listening to a new CD, laughing gas high at the dentist

Marley Family said...

The smell of wet pavement after a rainstorm.

TLJ said...

walks with todd and the kids:)

Anonymous said...

I love watching my son play lacrosse. LOVE.

P.S. Are you drinking URINE?

Anonymous said...

Finishing a kick butt workout

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

Checking off a list is the best. At times for a quick pick me up I will even make a to do list with a few things I have already done, just so that I can get the all powerful feeling of checking them off.