Thursday, August 13, 2009

Helen Keller

A couple brought in their new born baby to my place of employment this last weekend. I saw that the baby's name was______. (hippa regulations-can't tell) This name was interesting. When I say interesting I mean re-dic-less.

I sweetly comment to the proud new parents, "Wow, what an interesting name! Where did you get it??"

The mother says, "My husband actually made it up." She then looks at the husband and signs to him what I had just said. (signed, as in talked with her hands, sign language.)


Really? He is deaf? You let the deaf guy choose this name for your child? He doesn't have any idea what it sounds like, he made it up. Chose 6 random letters from the alphabet and put them together. The name might look pretty in the American Sign Language, but verbally spoken it is joke.

Good thing the baby was beautiful. Precious even.

Eh, what do I know. The kid won't get anymore crap than any kid born in Utah in the last 5 years. Her name will fit in with all the other crazy names that parents make up these days. She will probably have a best friend named Bunderlai and fall in the love with a boy known as Rymon.

Deaf or not. Why do they do it?


Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Okay I think this is a Smith family trait. Jed is constantly making fun of the "Mormon made up names" that we hear. I was forbidden to select any of the said names and therefore we ended up with Ashlee. As for Hyrum well it isn't made up, Mormon yes, made up no.

Sarah said...

no that's just sad. she either will be a popular girl or a nerd. strange names give you no middle ground.

Kristin said...

Who let's a deaf guy pick out a name!?
Although, I do know someone that named their babe Ever. Ever!? Really!? I can't seem to get past it. Whatever Ever, I'll love you forever Ever, Come over whenever Ever, just pick which ever Ever...craziness I tell ya! craziness.

Hippa Shmippa, I must hear this name.

We need to hang.

AMBER said...

FIRST OFF.. i tots heart the title of this blog. I went in thinking it was going to be about that lame sssshhh girl shut ur the Helen Keller song. haha
anywho...i am tots curious what the name curious I want to come into your room and wakey wakey you.. but i will refrain.
Why do they do it? good question. The names just keep getting stranger and stranger...
was the name these 6 random letters... mrwplo? hmmm?

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

i need to know the name bananna! thats weird, but im ok with next spawn will be called beeeeukjcejnbjkcgfiuncsxasssoopoop. so you need to support me in that ok.
also, thanks for the chat last night you are my heavenly mother anna. i love you:)

snittymagee said...

Rymon is my nephew's name. Thanks.

Marley Family said...

I said a SHHH girl. Shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and Talk with your hips!----- Really Anna You have the funniest luck. Remember when you and Emily were trying to go to the temple and your car got stuck? So your rang a random door to ask for help and the guy had one arm. I'm laughing at you. This kid that Lane works with named his baby Kaisa. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO your bascally saying Deaf people are stupid and don't understand the English language. That's to bad. I have worked with the Deaf community for 20 years and it's sad that yo think that.

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

That's funny, I laughed not only at your post but all the comments too. Actually Laughed out Loud LOL. I'm Emily I wanna know the Name!

Anonymous said...

"And let his name be known on the records of the Church as Calvin Schwartz Smith, III." Beat, pause... "But let him be called Butch until he chooses otherwise."

Direct quote. Swear it's true.

It's crazy that parents in general are so super young when compared to the humongous responsibility of naming a person for the rest of his/her life. It's a wonder we're all not in therapy, yo.