Wednesday, March 11, 2009


For the most part, I like people. Having friends is a definite plus.
I have a diverse set of friends. Not many are alike.
I have recently incorporated an old new friend into my lunch date schedule. We will call him Mr. D. He is 82 years old and he is hilarious. I have known he and his wife for a few years through my place of employment. His sweet wife passed away in November, and bless his heart he misses her hard. We've started lunching.

This is how it goes: I pick him up (he doesn't have a license anymore), we drive to the restaurant and this is the best part- He walks in, bypasses the hostess and walks to the table he prefers. No one really says anything because... he is old and they can get away with things like that.
We talk. We talk about his wife, my dating life, church and tell jokes. He might order a non alcoholic beer, and I might have a swig. He likes to talk to everyone (almost everyone who walks by) and I fancy good chit chat so it's fun.

Here is a highlight from last week:
we were discussing the pros and cons of 3 hours of church
Me: "Sometimes my roommates and I have a hard time sitting through Relief Society." no offense RS peeps, but sometimes my ADD kicks in, and I'm usually hungry.
Mr. D: "That's why you need to get yourself one of these! he took out his iPod touch This thing gets me through the third hour!"

Make new old friends. They are fun.

ps- Last week we ate at Stella's on 9th east. mmmm it was good.


Moose Tracks said...

I am dying over here Anna! What a cute and fun little man! I am not surprised that you can hang out with a recently widowed gentleman and it not be awkward! You are such a loving person and such sweetheart and always will be! Cute story, thanks for sharing! :) By the way I LOVE STELLA'S! We should make a lunch date for there! ;) Miss ya girl!

Sara said...

I LOVE reading your blog. It's always random and very entertaining. I giggle out loud every time and Tyson often wonders what I'm laughing at.

Marley Family said...

Wow Anna I had no idea you had a little old man friend. That is so awesome. I love old people they crack me up. He sounds cute. Was stella's on Dinners Drive-in's and Dive's?

Brianne said...

Aww Anna you're so cute with your lunch dates... drinkin' non alcoholic beer and all ;)
and I might try out his idea with this Ipod touch deal. Except I have sacrament meeting the third hour!

Sarah said...

you make me laugh.

and man! i am behind on the times apparently if an 82 year old man has an i-pod touch and i don't.

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

Thats so cool anna. where do you eat lunch with him? i love it. i too dislike the three hour block, i take walks during relief society because i get so bored. i never did that and its terrible! ok, well lets roast beef it at my place like soon. f.a.g.

Kristin said...

I honestly have NEVER been so jealous...
love you nanners.