Monday, November 24, 2008

Come ye thankful people come...

This week is Thanksgiving. I couldn't be happier. Over the years I have come to have a tender spot in my heart for this beloved holiday. In fact I might say that it is my favorite holiday. Strong words yes, but I say what I feel. haha OK.

Reasons to love this holiday:

It is untainted by the world. You do not have to buy an enormous amount of gifts. You do not have to send out cards, there will only be friends and family knocking on your door asking for treats and you need not decorate the house.

The crowning event is a HUGE meal. Food every where. Lots of good, good food. People pull out the big guns and show up with their A games. I just happen to adore roast turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, all the salads, pies and desserts. MMMmmm!

Another reason: I like going to the movies on Thanksgiving. You might think it be a bit cruel, making other people work on a holiday. Truth be told, I just look at it as another reason to be grateful. Thank you to all those high school teenagers who work at the movie theater on Thanksgiving. Thank you.

One thing that does make me sad is the fact that all those Christmas fanatics over look this day. Slow down with the Christmas already ok? Let us give thanks for a minute. Sigh. You have the day after Thanksgiving to begin all your Christmas love. Not a day sooner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

love, me.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I will be honest, Halloween is not my most favorite holiday. I do not hate it by any means, but I think perhaps I would rather eat a turkey dinner.

I do love the candy, and long for the days when it was ok for me to run from house to house with a pillowcase and ask strangers to fill it with goodies. I wonder, what age is it appropriate to stop that? hhmmm. Too bad I can not do that now, and instead of candy, ask for things like money, movie tickets, lip gloss, books, and other essentials. Just a thought.

Here are a few pictures from the night:

a cowgirl and an indian princess
Some who chose to dress up... and some who did not.
Hope your Halloween was lovely!