Tuesday, October 12, 2010

meals on wheels

Long day in spent in government buildings. (traffic school and dmv)
So naturally I needed something special to reward myself.
Pulled into In-N-Out to get a burger.
I felt a little sheepish when the drive-thru girl asked, "are you planning on eating in the car?" um... what she should have said is, "are you one of the fatties that can't wait to get home to eat your hamburger?"
I of course told her I would be one of the fatties.
Turns out they aren't just taking a poll of all of the slobs that come through. They gave me a "lap mat."

Lovely. I can set fries on my lap and not get messy.

I'm gross.


Jed and Valerie Smith said...

I always hate it when they forget the lap mat, as that is when I spill the lovely yumminess and end up with stains.

CharlieJo said...

at least you knew where to go to get a good cheap burger. ;) gross fries. yummy shakes. and to your first sentence..why am I not surprised about traffic school? :) love you!!

Sarah said...

you're not gross. perhaps she just thought your outfit was super cute today (almost as cute as mine, almost;) ) and didn't want it to get messy.

you should have replied with, "lay off, i'm starving!!!"

p.s. i think i will begin calling napkins "lap mats" cause i like the sound of it much better.

Natalie said...

Um, honey, i did that last week. And I was like, "WHAT? you have lap mats? PLEASE GIVE ME LIKE 10!" Genius.

Mom said...

I had no idea there were such things as lap mats. Wow, I could have used one when I tipped my mcicream on my lap just yesterday.

dunnthat said...

Ditto on the lap mat genius. I had no idea. SO much better than trying to find errant lettuce that slides between my legs and gets lost who knows where. It's not safe to try to find it while driving. Just as an FYI.

You are welcome.

Kristin said...

I had no idea.
I am thinking this will be the perfect dinner tonight.