Wednesday, August 11, 2010

deep thoughts, sort of

The following things have gone through my mind today:

I hate it when I see a spider and I am naked. In the last week I have had 2 naked run ins with spiders while I am getting out of the shower. Being without clothes makes me feel vulnerable to the spider. Freaks me out. When I have clothes on I am a lot braver in the killing of the spider process.

My brother in-law is in the MTC. Thinking about him. Excited for him. Thinking about my own mission and missing how wonderful it feels to be a missionary. On that same note, happy to not be wearing pantyhose or knee highs.

My two new nephews that I need to cuddle.

My up coming dates with the sunshine and water. Happy!

Cooking. I think about cooking or food all of the time! It means more when you have a grateful husband to feed. (if you have a recipe site you care to it.)

I talk too much. Haven't thought certain statements through. Foot in mouth.

I need to change my name officially. I have an identity crisis every time someone asks for my name.

I haven't had a snow cone all summer. Tragedy.

And those things are all my mind has had to offer today.


Kristie Lynne said...

Ditto about the name change thing. It freaks me out a bit. Haha.

Hannah Ashmore said...

you need to eat a snow cone asap!

Stubbs said...

Banana, You are gorgeous. Im so sad I missed your wedding. You always make me laugh. Congrats on your new job and graduating, Awesome!Miss you deeply.

Marley Family said...

Your cute! Love you!

Sarah said...

i SO hear you on the naked/spider thing. i hate it and have taken to checking the shower before i climb in cause that's been happening at my place too. now i guess i will have to check when i get out as well. ick! it gives me the creeps!

i just posted a recipe on my blog today. there's a few more there and some links to some sites too.

and FYI, your upclose wedding pics are lovely.

CharlieJo said...

miss you cousin. hope you have fun the next couple weeks! let's seriously plan something with the hubbies when things have slowed down a bit for you guys. :) bbq at my house? bowling again? hehehe. email/call me! love you!

Sara said...

To add to the mission thoughts-- you miss wanting to put your hair in a french braid. :) miss you!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

we are getting snow cones next week no excuses :)

maby we can fist fight too
i love your face nanna

Am to the Ber to the... said...

I miss your chatter and yummy food! You will always be SMITH to me ;) Love u!!!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I love your deep thoughts. Remember that one time when you made me the best sandwich I've EVER eaten and brought it all the way BACK to the hospital for me? That was the best. YOU are the best. Please move to Southern California. Immediately. Thank you, in advance.

Renee said...

dunnthat said...

Once I found a spider on the toilet paper roll JUST IN TIME. Late at night. When I was out of it. Close call. Ew. Tainted me for life.

I love your thoughts. They are deep :) Btw, your brother-in-law is in Canada as we speak. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Far far away.

And you NEVER talk too much. are welcome for never feeding your husband so he's so grateful for warm food. You are so welcome.

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Great deep thoughts....your nephews really want to be hugged too. Honestly I think Cole is THE BEST baby EVER!!! (I am completly unbiased in this opinion too)