Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter eve

My mom rocks. Sent me an Easter package with things like beef jerky, homemade jam and cadbury mini eggs.

I had jerky for dinner tonight. Thanks mom, love you. :)

Been to 7-11 far too many times in the last week than I care to admit. I feel like when I show up there I look like one of the "people of Wal-mart." Baggy sweats and un-showered. I almost ask for a pack of marborlos just because everyone else does, but stick to my big gulp instead.

I had Lucky Charms cereal a few days ago. I think it has too many marshmallows.It use to be my favorite. I feel old. Next thing I know I will be saying that the music at Forever 21 is way too loud. Oh wait, I do say that.

Oh by the way, on May 7th I will be one step closer to sanity.


Marley Family said...

What a good mommy!!!

Larissa said...

You may lose your charm if you come too close to sanity... ;-)

Sarah said...

yay! the end is near. nothing wrong with getting a bit old, aka wiser. :D

dunnthat said...

I love this post. I just do. All of it. Love your mom. Love that you think you're old. Love that one day school will be over for you. Love.

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

Your mom is the BEST at Easter baskets! I too have demolished the beef jerky and hid the Cadbury mini eggs. They are officially divine and way too good to share. Leave the "peeps" for the boys but the Cadbury mini eggs are all MINE! PS why can I only have these at Easter time?