Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colder please.

Dear Refrigerator Gods,

I was fine with our refrigerator breaking the day we got married. Really, I was. It meant I didn't have to clean it after all the usage by the single men (one especially messy one).
It was fun to pick out a new one with the husband. Cute. Our first big purchase.

I have loved the new fridge. All nice and new. Making ice and giving me filtered water. Keeping food cold and the freezer was a champ! Things that needed to be frozen were.

Then after a weekend away and a brutal night shift, when I came home to a smelly warm refrigerator and the damaged wood floors-- I just sighed and chuckled. Oh, such is life. I didn't even vomit when I cleaned it all out.

Today, however, I am annoyed. It can be fixed. But not until next Tuesday. Boo on that. I want my fridge to work. I want cold food. I want to eat something besides peanut butter toast.

Fix it. And I mean before Tuesday.



CharlieJo said...

and while they are at it, do you think the weather gods could change the weather to feeeel like it's Fall instead of mid summer?? ;) thanks. sorry about the new fridge. you can come have some popsicles at my place! ;)

Marley Family said...

Man I've always wanted a fridge with water and ice! I'm sad it broke! I would have cried a little.

Moose Tracks said...

You are kidding me! Oh Anna, I am sorry you guys are having bad luck with refrigerators...gesh! I will pray to the refrigerator Gods with ya!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

dooooooood this crap the story of my life. now get some milk and a cooler asap :)

Katie said...

I am loving your Blog! You are so funny and so fun to work with. I am really glad you joined us on the 9th floor:-)