Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy sabbath

Woke up early Sunday morning to prepare a talk.
30 minutes later remembered that we had plumbing problems the night before. No toilet today.
Tried to hold it for awhile. Maybe I can hold it till church at one? Not a freakin chance.
Hopped in the car, told husband I didn't know where I was going for sure, just had to take care of business.
Pulled into the Holiday Gas station. Ran in, relieved to see a bathroom. Disappointed that I had to ask for a key.
After taking care of "business" I was washing my hands and got startled by the image in the mirror. Greasy pony tail, crooked glasses and oh yeah, my shirt was inside out. Probably had eye buggers and I hadn't brushed my teeth either.
Came out feeling better. I bought some gum because I felt awkward.
Yep. Broke the Sabbath. Ox was in the mire. Don't judge.

PS- We have working plumbing now. Please feel free to stop at our place if you ever have a similar problem. No need to buy gum or feel awkward.


Kristin said...

I am laughing so hard..not just over this post, but the one below as well...Hilarious Anna! WHy don't we ever hang out?? Love you!!

Liz said...

I love that you bought gum! I would have done the same thing. You don't want them thinking you are just using them for the restroom, right?

Marley Family said...

Ha so funny! ; D

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Too funny! I can picture it all now.
P.S. Still weird seeing the word "husband" on your blog...weird but in a really good way!

dunnthat said...

I love the inside-out shirt the very best. Fabulous. Sorry to disappoint you, but you simply can NOT look bad. You're freakin' HOT. So glad we're related.

Amelia said...