Sunday, January 6, 2008

A friend of mine...

So I have this friend. I won't use her name because she might be embarrassed. Lets just call her Anna for convenience
"Anna" wakes up on Friday morning, everything is normal. Takes a nice long shower, starts to comb her hair when suddenly she feels that she needs to blow her nose. As "Anna" reaches for a tissue a BIG drop of blood falls on the sink. To her horror she realizes that it actually fell from her nose!!! Goo! She quickly puts the tissue in place and pinches the top of her nose.
As it had been since she was 7 years of age since she had experienced a bloody nose she called her mom and then her auntie to get instructions on the proper way to take care of a bloody nose. "Anna" knew enough to not put your head back like so many assume. (you don't want the red stuff trickling down your throat!)
Auntie Kay arrived home a bit later to find "Anna" still pinching the nose, with tissue strategically placed under the right nostril to catch the flowing blood. "Anna" needed to be at work so Kay suggested she pack her nose for her. The packing of the nose consisted of Kay using a q-tip to shove gauze up the nostril. The gauze was packed in tight just about touching the brain. "Anna" told me that it was a most uncomfortable process. The beauty of it was that looking face on you could not notice the 4 foot long piece of gauze in her right nostril. Though the nostril looked a bit larger it was a necessary sacrifice. "Anna" has always been such a dedicated worker and nothing could keep her from her job.
So "Anna" arrives to work and tries to carry on as usual. She has a mid morning snack of toast and raspberry jam. With the morning's excitement she forgotten to eat breakfast.
While working suddenly she looked down and saw a red drop on her hand. She let out a nervous shriek and ran to the bathroom. She frantically inspected the nose to find that the gauze is still in its place and no blood seemed to have snuck out. As she looked back at her hand she realized that it was not blood on her hand but raspberry jam. She had dropped a bit on her shirt and later brushed her hand on it. Thank goodness!!! "Anna" decided it would be a good time to release her nose from the pressure. She pulled what seemed to be 4 miles of gauze from her nose to find that the bleeding had stopped. Whoop, Whoop!! She had conquered a bloody nose!!
I know, I know, gross, that girl had a bloody nose. BUT she did assure me that she is positive the cause of the bleeding was caused by the dryness in the air and her lack of hydrating herself. No need to speculate.
So "Anna" you are a survivor. Good work. No need to be embarrassed. Except for the whole spilling jam on yourself. Sheesh, you klutz.


Riddles said...

Huh that's wierd that your friend "Anna" and you both have an Auntie Kay. Small world huh? Thanks to "Anna" you will know what to do when you have a bloody nose or an unfortunate case of "jam on the shirt". Thank goodness for friends!!!

Shannon said...

Oh,Anna... a lesser human would not have made it into work. You truly are a dedicated employee. Umm, I mean "Anna" is a dedicated employee, although her dedication may be outweighed by her sloppy toast and jam eating. Poor girl.

Randy & Amelia said...

"Anna" - way to go!! I can't believe it had been since "Anna" was 7 :) crazy. Love ya

Daveo said...

"Cindy" thinks "Anna" tells gross stories. "she" also doesn't understand why it's still funny when 4 other people use your funny quote marks but it "is", see that? it was funny.