Sunday, January 27, 2008


We had two Brazilian girls stay with us for the last 3 weeks. They were here for an American experience. Sweet girls, but didn't really know much English. I wondered constantly what they were thinking. I was always trying to ask them questions, but our conversations were always short. I am sure they wondered if I had any other clothes besides my lovely scrubs. I am sure they thought both my Auntie and I drive too fast. I am sure they both secretly wanted me to not sing out loud in the car, but were too polite to say so (or maybe they didn't know the words). I am sure they were disappointed to find that we don't have cable tv. I am sure they got sick of me asking if they would teach me to dance like they do in Brazil.
One had a shopping problem. She would come home with loads of bags. They were funny things too. Like 10 tubes of the same lip gloss or the "firming lotion" from Victoria's Secret. The other one had a boy friend back in Brazil. she is 17 and he is 22. I asked if he had a job. No. If he is going to school. No. What does he do? "He is what you call ... uh lasey?" lazy. I told her she needs a new boyfriend. She said her mom says the same.
When they first rode with me in the car I asked if they liked any American music. They named off Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, and a few others. I am sadly not up to date with the teeny bopper music crowd BUT I did have an old Avril CD. So we listened to that. For my birthday they got me the New Avril Lavigne album. I secretly like a few of the songs. I am feeling pretty hip.


Megs said...

You ARE hip Anna. The hippest around.

gurrbonzo said...

hey hey! you you! i don't like your girlfriend!

i hope it was that cd. i am embarrassed at how much i like that song.

Randy & Amelia said...

Wow - I dont know how you did it. Just the two times I was with the ladies, it was so hard! I felt awful that I couldn't talk to them. I love the advice you gave them - you are the best and such a strong person! love you