Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Taters for Out of Staters

It's true. If you go through Idaho and you are not from that great state, you really can get a free tater.

I went up to Idaho this weekend for my moms birthday. It was a good weekend. I have a sweet momma.

I have a love/hate relationship with Idaho. I love Idaho because my parents are there and it's home. I hate Idaho because I had some Red Box movies that needed to be returned and I couldn't find a Red Box anywhere! (my friend had never heard of Red Box!!?!)
I love Idaho because it doesn't seem to ever change much. I hate Idaho...ie Pocatello because it seems to be windy all the time. I love Idaho because I see gems like the jacked up, old bronco truck painted red that said "Red Neck" on the windshield. (as if there was a question.) :)

I am torn.

Side note. My dad hates Huckabee. The best part is he pronounces his name "Hucklebee." No matter how many times I try and correct him he can't seem to remember to say Huckabee. It made me crack up every time he said it. AND he said it a lot.


snittymagee said...

I'd rather be in Idaho than any other place I know, IDA IDAHO. IDA IDAHO.

pinklover said...

Where exactly do we go for the free tater? I do not recall seeing tater stands or anything of the sort on my excursions through the great state of I da hoe. The idea of eating a spud and thinking of your dear dad saying Hucklebee sounds enjoyable.

idahokie said...

I always thought that Idaho was called the gem state for a reason other than redneck pickup trucks, but it makes sense. There are a whole lot more of them.

Doctor Tarr said...

I know I'm over a year late, but you get the free tater for out-of-staters in Blackfoot at the Potato Museum (formerly known at the World Potato Expo). Rumor has it that you have to pay the museum admission fee first these, although that wasn't the case when I visited.