Monday, October 1, 2007

The Tube

This post is a bit belated. I was excited for the season premiere of The Office this last Thursday night. There were chuckles and I had a great time watching... BUT I was a bit disappointed. Not really that funny. The part that made me laugh the most: Andy's chaffing nipples. They actually bled, even after he put bandages on them to protect them. I have never known of any one bleeding from the nipple while running or doing any kind of activity. I really feel for all those poor people who along with Andy are forced to bandage their nipples to hide any kind of bleeding that may occur. Press on, press on, all of you and your sensitive nipples.

And Dwight putting Angela's kitty Sprinkles in the freezer alive. That was fabulous.

I still heart you Office.


Emily said...

honestly I have yet to see a full episode of the office. I'll have to give it a go one of these days. =o) mwoah

virginiaoak said...

I beg you to rethink your original thoughts on the Office. That was also my first thought...a little disappointed, but then the next day came. All my clients kept quoting it and I was laughing all day. I loved when Michael came in and told the office that Meredith had been hit by a car, but luckily he was on the scene of the accident immediately. Much laughter. The bleeding nipple thing really happens...I've seen it...and it always makes me hurt for them. Ouch.

Megs said...

I still heart the office too. I watched it on blessed youtube and enjoyed it. Not hilarious, but still great office fun.