Monday, October 8, 2007

Should I believe everything my cheese tells me?

I have a love for string cheese. It is a yummy and healthy snack that I can have on the go. I don't usually peel pieces off and eat it in the string form but just usually bite off a chunk. This snack makes me happy.

In the recent month I have been eating Sorrento Stringsters.

On the outside of every string cheese there is a trivia question. When you unwrap your snack there is the answer. I love it. It almost makes me want to eat it just so I can learn a piece of trivia. But as I have consumed many I began to wonder if I should believe every thing I read on a cheese package. For example:

What was the first National Park in the U.S. ? Yellowstone National Park 1872

What animal can not stick its' tongue out? A Crocodile

How long does it take to make a jelly bean? One Week!!!!

After reading the jelly bean one I knew I better double check the facts. And well folks, Sorrento isn't foolin. It is true. A whole week to make those little treats. I don't even really like them unless they are the star burst flavour. Just seems wrong to put so much effort into a candy treat that doesn't have chocolate. Decided to be thorough. All the other facts are true too. Crocs really cant stick their tongues out. Apparently their tongues are attached to the top of their mouths making them incapable of sticking it out. Weird.

Moral of the story. Yes, you can believe everything your cheese tells you.

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virginiaoak said...

I was beginning to doubt my cheese...thank you for clearing this up for me.